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The Perfect Hen Party

hummer-party-perthReaders Story: Contributed By Kimberley

When my little sister got engaged I was immediately named Maid of Honour, and got all the heartache that comes with it. In the end, it was surely all worth it, or so I keep telling myself, but the journey to the finish line was a hard run uphill all the way. We'd had some issues picking out dresses, and some drama fit for reality TV in the bridal salon, so by the time it was her bachelorette party she definitely needed her spirits lifted.

I knew as both Maid of Honour and big sister that the responsibility was all mine. The other bridesmaids were more my sisters age, early twenties, and though I'm no senior citizen, I'm definitely a bit more mature and sure wasn't the source of the bridal salon drama. Anyways, they're flighty to say the least so I wasn't going to get much help there, so I turned to the two people I knew wanted her to stop looking so stressed: her mother, and her fiance. And together, we threw her the raunchiest hen party possible that people are still talking about.

Everything In One Spot

I still can't believe all the stuff we got, and I still don't want to know how my mother knew to go to sextoys247 to get everything we needed. My Mom and I picked out a ton of stuff that had us on the floor laughing, and when we were ready her fiancé picked up the bill and all we had to do was wait a couple of days until it was at our door.

The Goody Bags

When each lady came through the door they were handed a goody bag for the night. It included a penis shaped shot glass, we bought ours in bulk  (click here), with some penis whistles which again we bought in bulk, (click here),  a band to go around their drink,  and a variety of other goodies we found. They were popular bags, and everyone loved finding what was in theirs and whether their band was accurate.

The Decorations and Food

No hen party would be complete without proper decorations, and we found plenty when we were shopping. From X-Rated Pecker Balloons (click here), to a 12ft Bachelorette Party Pecker Banner (click here). As for food, I made my special chocolate cake, and to keep to our raunchy theme, it was a large black chocolate cock thanks to this pan, I'll be sure to use again.

The Games

I never knew my mother was so good at crafts until she showed up for the party with a homemade pinata shaped like a large cock and balls. She'd even glued on hair around the balls; it was horrific and wonderful at the same time. After a few more drinks we were ready to play a bit of Pin the Macho on the Man. The bride didn't do so well, which is not surprising after all those "cock shots" she'd done by that point.

In the end my sister had a wonderful time and it was the perfect way to lift her spirits during what was getting to be a stressful time. We all let loose that night, and I'm happy to say that I have some amazingly vivid photos of my mother banging on the cock shaped pinata. If nothing else, at least I got some good blackmail out of it all.

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