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2015: The Hottest Sexual Fetishes for Couples This Year

All About Sexual Fetishes for Couples

Sexual fetishes are the desire for objects or body parts that help increase sexual pleasure. The best known is the foot fetish (Podophilia), which also has a variant that centers on high heels. In a stable relationship, fetishes can give us an element that helps us get out of our routine, so that way we can test various fetishes with our partner. However, we must always be careful and always try these fetishes with limitations so that they will not become the sole focus of desire.

Tied Tied

Throughout the web, we find thousands of websites with lists of bizarre sexual fetishes, which range from sexual arousal from high heels all the way to the sexual arousal and relationships with balloons (?!?!). What matters here isn’t what some people consider sexually arousing, what matters is knowing how to use them to our advantage. What is clear is that certain objects can help with our individual sexual desire, so we are going to try and help you fit your sexual fantasies and fetishes in your relationship throughout this article.

Fetishes: What they are all about

Fetishes are objects that enhance sexual desire not usually seen in the open (i.e. being attracted to female breasts is not a fetish). Divided into two main branches: the branch where objects arouse you like; shoes, gloves, handcuffs, underwear, etc. Another is where body parts excite you like feet or beards. As already mentioned, erogenous zones will not be included unless they are very specific like very tiny breasts or extremely hairy women.

As you can see, the division of the groups of fetishes is very generic, with somewhat ambiguous borders: Almost everything and anything can be a fetish. The reasons for something to have become a fetish are very personal, and often the individual themselves is unable to explain why they have developed this particular fetish. In general, the reasons someone might enjoy a fetish include but are not exclusive to the many sensations some textures cause. The touch of latex on one’s body, and associated aesthetic look that comes with it could be a trigger. Fetishes can also be due to the domination associated with handcuffs and other restrictive materials. Fetishes can be related to sexual fantasies. A fantasy can be female domination or ‘femdom’ or can be associated with a fetish for high heels, which can give power.

Cat Suit Cat Suit

When you have gone too far

We must also be clear that not all fetishes are disorders. Many fetishes are temporary, a desire that lasts a few months. In such cases, these usually disappear and are replaced by a new sexual preference, which makes us change the object of our sexual excitement. It does not sound so bad, right? Moreover this way there is no way of falling into a rut.

In the case of permanent fetishes; these are considered to be disorders if and only when they prevent us from leading a normal sex life. That is, they are problematic when that object or body part that causes the sexual arousal is necessary to reach sexual pleasure. In these cases, the complete sexual behavior and arousal, circle around the object or area of the body that has created the obsession.Also now considered a dependent paraphilia, i.e. a sexual deviation. This is something to be aware of in your personal life. We are not talking about these cases in this particular article, what we are trying to convey is how we can use the capacity for these fetishes as an erotic game.

using sashes to tie up using sashes to tie up

How to incorporate them into our every-day sexual lives

So the idea is to introduce objects or areas of the body into our sex lives, focusing on the objects temporarily, to enjoy the sensations and pleasure they give us. As soon as we become bored, and they no longer provide us with the same pleasure as they did at the beginning, put them aside. Find another new element that can excite, and give us new pleasure. It is simple and so exciting.

What can we use? Anything can be a sexual fetish; the basis for finding them is just the willingness to explore our sexuality. If you let your imagination run wild and you concentrate as a couple on the smallest detail that at some point in your relationship has given you positive, erotic sensations. I am sure you will find various fetishes that you can both enjoy. So you have to be receptive and willing to try everything, and take a second look at everything that we have around us with new imaginative eyes.

For example, you can explore the memory of the one time you had intercourse on the shag carpet of that room. Was the texture of the shag brushing across your skin great? Seek to enhance that feeling: spread a fur coat on the bed and try it!

stockings are sexy stockings are sexy

Sharing your fetishes

Fetishes, just like erotic fantasies are a very intimate thing. The only way that they can work within our couple life is if we openly discuss them with our partner without fear of being judged. Come on, if your partner suggests you try something new (imagine something strange: put a plastic bag on the floor and rub lubricant throughout each other’s body). Moreover, you laugh or you look at them as a freak, forget that your partner will suggest anything ever again.

So no judgment, we have to get into a mindset that no matter how weird or bizarre it may be, it could always potentially give us pleasure. So, anything that we propose within our relationship must be received with a positive attitude, intending to at least try said proposal (if there is no harm involved, of course).

rope is sexy too! rope is sexy too!

As you might suspect, it is somewhat harder to detect your partner’s potential fetishes according to their behavior without them giving you a sign. We must be very attentive to whatever is out of the ordinary, and remember the times when your partner is especially aroused. This will help you to determine what he or she might like to add to your sex lives to spice things up. Maybe you can remember a day when you had incredible sex because he had seen you wearing a miniskirt without panties underneath. Perhaps it is a matter of repeating this to see if you get the same reaction the second time around. If it works, you could add a little more eroticism this time around.

There are many little ways that can lead us to find a fetish that we can enjoy with our partners, and share them in the bedroom. A simple phrase like "you do not know how much… excites me." or even an unexpected little moisture in certain parts are the clearest clues. It is a matter of trial and error. If we do not like it while we are trying it out, there’s nothing wrong with that: We'll have a long list of things that do that sexually arouse us.

The opposite is also true: it may be that something that sexually aroused your partner for a while has lost its appeal, and he or she is no longer interested. So if we find that the same situation no longer has that desired effect, it is time to find something else! We must also pay attention to ourselves: The arousal produced by these fetishes can be very subtle. We must be careful to notice that a particular fetish has lost its power and does not give us satisfaction any longer.

wrist cuffs wrist cuffs

Finally, we must be clear that sharing these fetishes is something very intimate and personal, and it should be a shared secret. This will bring on additional confidence between partners and a certain feeling of closeness and intimacy. Not to mention, of course, the pleasure we take in the whole experience! So start thinking about what you would like to try.

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