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The Elusive G-Spot…Does It Exist and How to Find It

bed-man-womanHighly debated, the G-spot, or the Grafenberg spot, may or may not be the key to women experiencing orgasmic sex. The term 'may or may not be' is in reference to the fact that despite years of research, the G-spot is still somewhat of a mystery. Researched since the 1940's, scientists can't agree whether the G-spot is an individual structure, or an extension of the clitoris, or if it even exists at all.

Reported to be located inside the vaginal wall about 2.5–7.6 cm from the opening, it is rumoured to lead to powerful orgasms, strong sexual arousal, and possibly even female ejaculation. Some women are well acquainted with this seemingly mythical spot, while others are on an unending quest to locate it, and still others are left completely ignorant as to its possible existence.

While supposedly located inside the vagina, the G-spot can be difficult to stimulate with regular missionary style sex, and more direct stimulation from fingers or toys may be required. Many sex toys are designed exclusively for G-spot stimulation and tend to make use of a curved tip for placing the toy directly up against that elusive area. Made of a wide variety of materials ranging from soft and smooth silicone to jelly and hard plastics, the choices in toys to help women find and utilize their G-spot is expansive. Some are small and some are large, and the level of penetration will depend on the woman because every woman's physiology is different.

Traditional G-Spot Vibrators

Usually designed with a phallic shape, a G-spot vibe will usually be curved, some slightly while others boast a significant arc. This bowed shape is designed to target the G-spot with stimulation, usually vibrations, or pulsations, with varying degrees. Among the most popular products is the Posh 10 Function Teaser 3. While featuring a twisted shape full of ridges and ribs to please along the full length, the tip bends to make it the perfect angle for locating and pleasing that mysterious G-spot. Made of a smooth silicone material, the Posh 10 Function Teaser 3 is easy to use and clean up after, and vibrates at multiple speeds.

Egg Shaped G-Spot Vibrators

A popular choice for many women who want to stimulate their G-spot is an egg shaped vibe like the Vibrating G-spot Egg Small. This small shaped vibrator fits inside the vagina, and its unique tapered and curved end can be easily positioned up against the front wall of the vagina for targeted stimulation. Moreover, it's a fun toy to play with a partner as they can control every sensation from as far away as 20 metres with the wireless remote.

A Little Something Extra

Many researchers insist that the G-spot is connected somehow to the clitoris, so stimulating the clit at the same time that the G-spot is pleasured gives a better chance for reaching that mind-blowing orgasm. A toy like the Lia Dual Lover 1 will provide both with a thickly curved shaft and with flexible bunny ears that remain outside of the body to flutter against the clitoris.

Finding and stimulating the G-spot, as many women will swear that it does in fact exist, can be the difference between a good time and an amazingly explosive playtime. With practice, and some help from some specialized toys, the G-spot can be stimulated and incredible sexual encounters experienced.

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