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The Bloom Plus by LEAF

cv-1839390023Reader Story: Contributed by Sally

There are some definite disadvantages to sharing a house with a bunch of guys and being the lone girl. Don't get me wrong, there are some plusses too, but sometimes I wake up wanting to smack them and go to bed wanting to strangle them. And with the added bonus of ultra thin walls, nothing remains a secret or off-limits for long.

The Big Buzz

In our house it's possible to hear every little noise made from any room, which makes playing with a vibrator near impossible. Unless they're all out of the house then I'm totally out of luck. When I first moved in, I was having a little playtime in my room with my vibrator when all of a sudden I heard a bunch of laughter. It lasted the whole way through, and when I came out, they were still laughing at hearing my toy. I still haven't lived it down.

The Toy that Changed it All

Needless to say I wasn't about to get any real private time with my old vibe, and figuring it would be cheaper to get a new vibrator then a new place to live, I went online to sextoys247. I read the reviews and finally picked this one {click here}, the Bloom Plus by LEAF. I loved the dark purple colour, and the leaf and stem shape. In fact, if one of the guys came across this in my bedroom he most likely wouldn't ever guess it was a vibrator, which means less chance of me coming home to see them all tossing it around like it had cooties, yes I DO live with a mature bunch don't I?

Within days I had it in my hand, but decided to try it out the first time when they were all out of the house and I was completely alone. After what seemed like for ages they went out and I had some fun testing the Bloom. I admit I turned it on, left it in the room and closed the door to see if I could hear it and not a sound. When I opened the door I still couldn't hear it and thought it had turned off, but no, it was buzzing away. And strongly. I tested it out some more, and it was amazing up against me, and nice and powerful.

The real test came the next day when I was in the mood and went off to my room to "study". I took out my toy and I know they never heard a sound. It was incredible, like a little bit of privacy won back for myself. The description for the Bloom Plus says that it's waterproof and I might try it in the shower, but I live with guys, so the bathtub is disgusting and a soak is off limits. Maybe that will be my next task, to take back the tub! Though in this case it might actually be easier to just move.

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