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The Best Ways for a Man to Achieve Orgasm

By now most guys feel like the expert when it comes to their own orgasm, after all they've been playing with themselves since they were 13. So it may come as a surprise for many men to learn that there is a better way to climax when they are masturbating, and even when they are having sex. Adding a sex toy to what may have become routine can really spice things up, and nothing is more enjoyable than a bit of variety. The good news is that most male sex toys are compact and discreet, making them easy to tuck away when not in use, and a great addition to your luggage. And a toy that is designed just for men is specifically designed with his orgasm in mind.

Prostate Stimulation

As mysterious as the female G-spot, the prostate is a highly sensitive area the size of a walnut located inside the rectum on the anterior wall. It can be difficult at best to reach with your own hand, so a toy is the best option. A prostate stimulator or massager is designed to reach the prostate with ease and precision. These toys are for all men, straight and gay, and when used properly can result in an incredibly intense orgasm. Models with extra features will vibrate for extra stimulation, while some provide an exterior protrusion to rest against and massage the perineum. Most men find that using a prostate stimulator alone isn't enough though, and need extra penile stimulation at the same time.

Penile Stimulation

Not as mysterious as the prostate by any means, after all the penis is right down there in front and guys are well familiar with it, but surprisingly it may yet hold a few secrets. And one of those secrets is a better way to masturbate. While the palm of the hand has done for many years, adding a male sex toy like a stroker can add some exciting variety with new textures and sensations. One's like the popular Fleshlight brand mimic a female mouth, vagina, or anus, while their similar line of fleshjack strokers for gay males offers a male anus or mouth.

Together with a Partner

Adding a toy when making love is a great way to spice things up and achieve an amazing orgasm. Wearing a toy like a cock ring around the base of the penis will make for a harder and larger looking erection as well as increase a guys sexual stamina. Holding off on that orgasm a bit longer will make it extra intense, and if the right ring is worn with a clitoral stimulator on it like the OVO B8, she'll be screaming with an orgasm as big as his.




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