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Talking About Your Sex Life: Where to Draw the Line

pleasing-partnerThe popularity of social media sights has lead to a culture of over-sharing. When you post personal information and share everyday details with people, some of whom you may not even know, the boundaries of what’s appropriate and what’s not become blurred. Here are some dos and don’ts when it comes to talking about your sex life.

  • DON’T talk about your sex life online. Once you release something into cyberspace you can never take it back. During post orgasm bliss you feel good, and naturally you want to share that feeling with others. But before you post a suggestive or downright literal post about your sexcapades consider all of the people who will have access to that post. You may want to brag to your friends about your multiple orgasms but do you really want your boss or your mum’s best friend knowing what you and your partner do in the bedroom? Probably not.
  • DON’T talk about your sex life at the office. Chances are no one you work with wants to listen to your naughty sex stories. Would you want to listen to theirs? And not only may you make people uncomfortable, you may also be putting yourself at risk of unemployment or legal action. Making someone uncomfortable at work is rude; if their discomfort is caused by a sexual discussion or action it’s illegal. If you have close friends at work wait until you’re out of the office to talk about your personal life.
  • DON’T talk about your sex life with your friend who can’t keep her mouth shut. We all have a friend like this. She means well, and she really intends to keep your secret until the moment you tell her. Then she just can’t help herself; she compulsively spills the secret to everyone you know. Call her when you want news to travel quickly; don’t share details of your sex life with her.
  • DO talk about your sex life with your trusted friends. Everyone needs a close friend to share their secrets with. And your closest friends may be the best source of sex advice! They know you better than anyone else, and are the best people to advise you on relationships and sex. But that doesn’t mean you can tell them EVERYTHING. Before you share information consider how you would feel if your partner shared that same information about you with his friends. If the thought upsets you, you should keep the information to yourself.
  • DO talk to your partner. This shouldn’t have to be listed but the truth is many women feel uncomfortable talking to their partners about sex, especially if there is a problem. It may feel awkward to tell your partner that you’re not enjoying sex or that you’d like to have sex more often. But if they don’t know about the problem how can you expect them to fix it? Talking to your partner can do more for your sex life than you’d ever imagine!
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