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Taking Care of Your Prostate


Although it is never too soon for any man to think about prostate health, men in their forties and beyond should be particularly studious in the care of this all-important gland.


Enough cannot be said about prostate screening. Catching any problem with the prostate early is the key to prostate health and also to fighting prostate cancer. For men over forty-five who are at extra risk for problems of the prostate, or for all men over fifty, an annual prostate exam is an important preventative tool. If any man in your family has had prostate cancer, diagnostic exams should be started even earlier. A rectal examination and a blood test that checks your PSA (prostate specific antigen) levels can actually save your life.

Eat Well

Eating well is also important to caring for your prostate. A well-balanced diet that is low in fat and that keeps processed foods and refined sugars to a minimum is important. As a rule of thumb, eat fruits and vegetables with every meal, and make half of the bulk of what you eat come from fruit and veggie sources. Some studies indicate that soy may also reduce prostate cancer risk and the incidence of prostate enlargement. Foods rich in selenium are also recommended, like mushrooms, cashews, and brazil nuts. Cold water fish choices, like herring, mackerel, and salmon, which are rich in Omega-3 fatty-acids, may also be beneficial for the health of the prostate.


There is a strong link between being obese and developing prostate cancer. Regular physical exercise can contribute immensely to the health of your prostate. Adding thirty minutes of regular cardio activity to your lifestyle can really help. Moreover, Kegel exercises, which involve tightening, holding and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles (pretend that you are trying to avoid passing gas), has also been shown to improve the circulation of blood to not only the prostate, but also the tissues surrounding it. In fact, Kegel exercises have also been associated with a reduced incidence of incontinence that is caused by prostate enlargement.

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