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Take Control in the Bedroom

bedroom-controlThe bedroom is probably the most neutral room in the house because it is used for sleep mostly but for most of your sexual enjoyments as well thus combining two of peoples favourite things to do. Probably 95% of the time everything goes well there, but there are times when things can get a little dull and need to be raised a notch or two so the inhabitants of this sanctuary can enjoy the fruits of their life and labour. Sometimes it just needs to be shown who, no matter which partner, might be in control at that time and just what needs to be done to keep things on the up and up.

One way of doing this that generally gets a great response from both is the practice of light bondage, where there is no pain, but some restraint in doing things that often gets arousal and togetherness at all time highs and ends in knee bending pleasure for both involved. If this is something new to you and your lover you might want to discuss what you both would be comfortable doing and using in the quest for new heights in your sexual play. Some of the most intense sex many people have had has been achieved by using some type of restraints and doing a little role playing, which helps to intensify both lovers want and desire for the pleasure it will help them achieve. There are many types of bondage toys and some get very intense and can be painful if that is what you are looking for, but for just having a good love session something like a pair of velvety handcuffs or rope and a romantic eye mask can turn a good loving into a flow of ecstasy that you both will remember as one of your best.

With the soft rope or covered handcuffs there is no pain, only anticipation of what is to come, as you are fastened to the bed post with your smooth, comfortable eye mask hiding what your lover has in mind and is preparing to do, only the thoughts of what you would like to happen consume your mind as you wait in curiosity to feel the attention that you are about to receive and the excitement begins to heighten your senses so that your body can’t help but begin to respond to the feelings you are having. At first there are brushes of lips and hair that you feel over different parts of your body. And your pulse and breathing begin to slightly increase as things begin to happen that you can’t see or control, but all the time knowing that it is very erotic and will keep you at attention in your mind because you don’t want to miss any sensation that may come through your body or mind. As your lover uses all their knowledge to please and arouse you a feeling of helpless but happy serenity comes over your entire being as you sense feelings that are not common to you because you are unable to see or stop the onslaught of pleasure that has awakened your entire body and mind. The unstoppable beast in you has been turned to the task of giving and receiving the most pleasure you and your lover have ever had! Your session continues until both of you are spent and fulfilled with your nights progress.

Hopefully this will be your results from trying a new chapter in your love lives and you both will want to return to feeling many more times. Whew, now that I got thru that I have to stop by the store on the way home and pick up my new kit so I can go and enjoy my evening of bliss!! Happy Bondage! It will help keep you together!!

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