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Stimulating the Prostate

rufskin-vintage-diego-bikini-briefs-8101-6313_mediumSometimes referred to as the Male G-spot, the prostate gland can be an incredibly receptive and explosive pleasure centre for men. It is an important part of the sexual cycle, and is essential for ejaculation to occur. Located close to the anterior rectal wall, the prostate can be stimulated from inside the rectum, or externally via the perineum. Though it can be massaged during sex by a partner using fingers, often those digits are too short to fully reach the prostate and many toys are available that endeavour to stimulate the prostate during masturbation.

While a G-spot vibrator can be used anally to reach and target the prostate, they can be dangerous to use, as they have not been designed for anal play. These toys often lack the necessary stop at the bottom to ensure that the toy is not inserted too far, and the curve of the shaft is often inadequate for real stimulation. An anal probe or a butt plug, with a slender shaft and a sharply curved tip are best suited for prostate stimulation.

Butt Plugs

While the name may sound somewhat unappealing, the standard butt plug can provide unique enjoyment to both straight and gay men. Clenching down on a plug with the muscles in the rectum can be quite enjoyable, and the plug has the added benefit of being able to stay in place without being held on to. When the plug is fashioned with a curved tip like the Anal Fantasy Collection P Spot Plug {click here} it will also stimulate the prostate by applying pressure up against the rectal wall.

Anal Probes

It sounds like something from an alien abduction, but an anal probe is actually a pleasurable tool for men to use to massage their prostate. Some of the probes like the Anal Fantasy Collection Vibrating P Spot Ribbed {click here}will vibrate as well, adding an extra level of stimulation. With any toy, it is important to start slowly, and with toys inserted anally, that is especially important. Keeping toys clean and sanitary is another issue, and it is important to buy toys like the ones from Anal Fantasy that are made from.

Prostate Massage without Toys

It is almost impossible to massage one's own prostate without toys, but when playing with a partner there are ways to massage their prostate with a finger and a little help from a small finger sleeve. The main function of the sleeve is to keep conditions sanitary and guard against infection in case of any nicks or cuts on the skin. However, a finger sleeve can also be extremely pleasurable, and allow for a deeper massage than a finger alone. Models like the two found in the Anal Fantasy Collection Tushy Trainerz kit {click here} have an extension at the end to make up for the length of any stubby digits, and one of the sleeves is ribbed in a corkscrew fashion around it for added sensation while being used for massage.

For anyone that has ever had their prostate massaged before it can be an extremely pleasurable and intense experience and one they're likely to want to try again. For the newcomer to this form of stimulation, care should always be taken, and any toys played with should have a generous amount of the appropriate lubrication applied. With the proper toys and accessories, prostate stimulation can be easy, and extremely enjoyable.

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