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Shopping for Sex Toys – Online or In-Person – What’s Better?

lg_e7ac6966123435483618271Perhaps you have never set foot into even an adult bookstore, but are all gung-ho about buying your first vibrator or dildo! Few among you may also have visited those raunchy stores, looking for pleasurable alternatives. Let’s go over some important pros and cons before you step into your local sex toys store or go online, in the hope of that perfect butterfly, rabbit or dildo vibrator. As in the case of most online shopping portals, a major advantage of buying sex toys online is that you can locate some great deals, coupons or sales on internet. Local brick and mortar adult toys stores rarely offer such excellent deals. In fact, many a times these offline stores hike their prices by as much as three times.

Another important advantage of buying sex toys online is that you get to pick from a wide range of products and are able to go through reviews of actual people on each one of them. Carrying out comprehensive research prior to opening up your wallet for that shiny new vibrator, is actually a must when you’re buying online. God forbid you spend a fortune on that newly launched, highly popular butterfly vibrator, only to discover that it can’t hit the right spots for you!

Apart from the obvious reasons, it is comparatively more comfortable to buy online. Not that you should always stay imprisoned within the four walls of your home, but buying sex toys is nothing like going shopping for a fresh pair of sneakers! You would obviously like to do it in a more private and discreet manner. Buying sex toys online will enable you to shed your inhibitions and come out openly with your secret comments and inner thoughts, not worrying about being subjected to others judgements.

Most of the reputed online adult stores accept returns if there are any problems with the purchased items. This is great as almost none of the local sex stores accept any returns. Although returning such items can be a real pain in the arse, with additional task of packing and mailing involved, you will find the effort all worth it when a working, brand-new dildo, vibrator or butterfly vibrator will arrives at your doorstep.

The only con I have found when shopping online for sex toys is that you are unable to actually see how a particular sex toy functions. Personally speaking, I find the vibration intensity to be an extremely important factor. Thankfully, many online adult stores are nowadays offering product related videos to give customers a fair idea about their functioning. Apart from watching such videos, you can also go through personal reviews of other people on related forums.

I can’t say about you, but I find it much more convenient to purchase sex toys from within the comfort of my home, than visiting a brick and mortar set up. What more, you can easily look for discounts, do price comparisons and complete the whole transaction without getting even a single dirty glance from anyone.

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