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Sex Toys Are Only Appetisers, Your Partner’s the Main Course! – Part 2

sex-toys1-600x250…….contd. from yesterdays blog Ensure that she has warmed up enough and is lubricated properly before you close in on her clitoris. In case she hasn’t yet lubricated on her own, don’t take that as an offence. Sometimes it is due to hormonal reasons and in some cases that is just how women are wired!

Crazy factors such as lack of sleep, allergy, medications, too much Starbucks etc. sometimes make it extremely difficult for a woman to lubricate properly and reach orgasm. You can go through this online adult store where I buy all my sex toys from to pick the right lubricant for yourself. The toys and lubricants featured on this website are all women friendly and come with no preservatives, scent or flavour.

Men who are often unable to make their women climax should really have no problem in embracing sex toys. Even if you are good at making her come, sex toys are only going to add to the fun! Furthermore, sex toys such as Body Wand come to the rescue of men who have difficulty in providing oral orgasm to their partner. It’s a soft and quiet sex toy that can be a great tool in oral lovemaking. Using it along with finger and tongue play, will give her that slightly extra level of vibration she so requires to experience that orgasm from oral sex. Imagine, how much workload will be cut down for your tongue. Body Wand is not too loud, waterproof and soft. In addition, it is so small that it will never get in your way. Its subtlety ensures that it doesn’t get too strong for your woman.

Whenever I go to coed sex toy pleasure parties, I relish giving my piece of mind to men, just to ensure that they take good care of their female partners, and stop being selfish. Giving women an orgasm must be made mandatory before men get any type of penetration at all. Want to see your girlfriend or wife’s LUSTY VIXEN coming into play? Then give her that orgasm, have sexual intercourse, and perhaps finish by giving her another one. Do this regularly and you will see an altogether different side of your woman. Men must make note that women have the tendency of getting extra aggressive and ravenous after achieving their first orgasm. So much so, that they’ll beg you to have intercourse post that orgasm?

Go through our old blog posts and visit our online store  and you will find ample information on love, relationships and sex toys.

To tell you a bit about myself, I am all high-tech when it comes to sex! Got laid for the first time back in 1982 and have never looked back! I’m bisexual and love meeting both men and women! Furthermore, I find great joy in helping couples improve their bedroom lives and helping them improve their knowledge of human sexuality and sex toys.

Last but not the least, when it comes to purchasing sex toys it is extremely important that you make your purchases only from an adult store which is reliable and reputed. We have a flawless reputation in the industry and by making your purchase through our store you can be guaranteed of the highest of quality. Visit our store

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