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Sex Toys Are Only Appetisers, Your Partner’s the Main Course! – Part 1

50_shades_grey_lingerieSomeone rightly said ‘Ignorance comes very easy!’ I get sick of hearing “What if I end up hurting his feelings or he gets intimidated when I bring home that sex toy?” every now and then! It’s a topic that inevitably comes up in each one of our sex toy parties. Women fail to understand that nowadays most men are comfortable with sex toys and the really savvy ones among them are well aware that sex toys only make their jobs much easier! They know that introducing a quiet rabbit vibrator into the sexual act can make Mama really happy! And we all know what happens when Mama ain’t happy!

As I already mentioned, real Savvy men don’t shy away from acknowledging that sex toys only help in doing the heavy lifting on their behalf. Talking from personal experience, sex toys will never replace your partner as there is nothing that can replace a warm, breathing, good smelling and living partner. Regardless, even in year 2014, I get one or two girls every now and then, who ask me the same very frustrating question.

I’ve learned from my interactions with women that in most cases, it is more about women being uncomfortable communicating their desire of enhancing the bedroom fun. Sadly, in certain cases, the male partner really doesn’t approve of the idea of using a sex toy. Men who’re apprehensive of sex toys mostly worry that they might get replaced, or the sex toy may be bigger than their organ.

Well, as it sadly turns out, there are some unenlightened men indeed who view a dildo or a vibrator as their possible replacement. For these men, I would like to re-emphasise here that as the title of this article says, “Sex toys are only appetisers, your partner is the main course,” men can never be replaced by plastic toys. The only purpose of sex toys is to get women warmed up. And as we are all aware that women normally require a lot of warm up in comparison to men, a sex toy does that job really well!

It rarely happens that an appetiser may be sufficient for a woman. An appetiser only builds up the anticipation for the entrée!

So, getting back to where we started guys, if your woman takes around 20 minutes getting warmed up, why not get her something like a silver bullet or a rabbit vibrator (click here), to spice up the foreplay and reduce the warm up time. You may use the soft vibration of the toy on her back, neck and her nipples, thereafter slowly moving it down towards her pelvic region and her lower tummy. Avoid plunging right in.

It is important to tease your woman with the sex toy; there is nothing better than sexual tease when it comes to female warm up. Take your time and help her increase the flow of blood to her pelvic area. Once you do that, you will find her highly responsive and she’ll climax in no time! Stay tuned for part two tomorrow

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