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Sex Ideas You May Need to Re-think

couple-in-showerWe all have naughty fantasies that were inspired by something we saw in a movie, read in a book or heard from a friend. And while many of these fantasies are perfectly safe, some come with drawbacks you may not consider in the heat of the moment. Here are some sex acts you should reconsider before trying.

1)      Sexting, Sex Videos and Nude Pictures. All of these things may seem innocent while you’re doing them. What’s the harm of sending your man a suggestive text message or letting him take a few pictures with his phone? There may be no harm at the time but your circumstances may change. How would you feel if you broke up and he sent the texts, pictures or video to everyone you know? If you trust him enough to let him take pictures or videos you certainly believe that he’s not the type of man who would EVER betray your trust. But jealousy and heartache may turn him into exactly that type of man. If you really want to take pictures or videos make sure YOU are in possession of the only copies, and if you must sext come up with secret codes that only the two of you understand.

2)      Sex in the Shower. This fantasy can be the most physically dangerous if done incorrectly. The fantasy is of hot steamy water and fun slippery sex. The reality is that

a)      Unless you have a steam shower one of you will be cold. You can take turns in the hot water but there’s really no way to stay warm together; even the hottest sex won’t warm you up in a cold tile shower.

b)      Finding a position that is both comfortable and pleasurable is almost impossible. He might be hitting the exact right spot when he thrusts, but chances are your knee, elbow or head will be hitting that hard shower wall. And if one of you slips you could both get seriously injured.

If you can’t resist the idea of sex in the shower take precautions. Use a small heater to warm the room and install shower sex aides like suction cup wall handles and footrests; a foam exercise mat can help pad your tub or shower wall.

3)      Sex in the Ocean. This seems like a romantic idea and a great way to have sex in public without getting caught. But the water will wash away your natural lubrication, making sex abrasive. The sand in the water will add to the abrasions. And the salt in the water will make those abrasions burn! Not to mention the risk you’re taking if someone realizes what you are doing and calls the authorities. Having sex in public is illegal whether you’re hidden by water or not. Instead of sex in the ocean make love in a private pool. You’ll be able to keep your lube close by and reapply when necessary. You can also use pool floats to help you find new positions!

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