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Psychological Benefits of Sex

shutterstock-sex-coupleWe all know the immediate physical pleasures that come along with sex. It just FEELS good! The sensations of our partner’s skin against ours, the exciting touch of their tongue that tingles down our nerves, the overwhelming physical gratification of an orgasm, these reasons alone are enough to keep us coming back for more. But have you ever considered the psychological benefits of sex?

Our bodies have chemical reactions to intercourse and orgasms, and these reactions can have amazing effects on our emotions and our psychological wellbeing. Just like other forms of exercise, sex causes our bodies to produce a rush of endorphins. Along with increasing energy and stamina these endorphins flood the pleasure center in our brains causing intense feelings of happiness and euphoria. These feelings last long after the act of sex is over.

Dopamine, a hormone that increases physical attraction between partners, is also released throughout intercourse. Along with increasing attraction and feelings of happiness dopamine also works to relieve pain. This allows your body to relax and focus on the physical pleasures of sex. An orgasm releases oxytocin, a ‘feel good’ hormone that increases generosity and devotion between partners. Studies have even shown that men who release oxytocin on a regular basis are much more likely to remain faithful to their partner. Serotonin is another hormone that is released upon orgasm. Serotonin increases feelings of emotional balance and contentment while also relaxing your body after sex. You know the feeling of satisfied exhaustion that settles in after sex? That’s your serotonin at work.

There are also psychological benefits of sex that are based in emotion instead of chemical reaction. The act itself provides a deeper emotional connection between partners. Many couples lead busy lives and don’t take enough time to focus on one another. The attention received during sex makes each partner feel important and appreciated. This attention also helps to improve each partner’s self esteem.

Sexual activity enhances not just the psychological health of the individual people participating but also the overall emotional health of the relationship. And an emotionally healthy relationship boosts happiness, relieves stress and provides contentment inside and outside of the bedroom. Couples who share an active sex life typically have fewer arguments, better communication skills, and a deeper and more solid emotional bond than couples who’ve neglected the intimate side of their relationships.

The key to reaping all of the psychological benefits of sex is fun and easy. Just keep having sex! If stress is hindering your desire for intimacy remember that the serotonin released during sex is the perfect cure for stress!

Are you too tired for intercourse? The endorphin rush will perk you right up!

Are you feeling sad or depressed? The oxytocin released during orgasm is just what you need!

Are you feeling overweight or unattractive? Let your partner boost your self esteem by showing you just how sexy you are!

The more often you engage in intercourse the less often you’ll suffer from fatigue and negative emotions! So you don't have a partner to enjoy sex with, well you can still have fun alone with one of our sextoys - our vibrating rabbits (click here) are one of our top sellers!

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