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Preparing Yourself for Anal Sex

anal-sex-bumsMany times anal sex just happens in the heat of the moment and other times people prepare their bodies before having anal sex. In the ideal world the action of preparing yourself is always preferred by both partners. Some people make preparing for anal sex a part of their sexual ritual or experience with their partner. Others like the privacy of being alone while preparing for a great anal orgasmic experience. Here are a few tips on preparing for a more pleasurable anal sex experience and orgasm.

The first action to keep in mind is whether an enema is needed to help with the complete experience. Most doctors recommend that some type of enema take place before anal sex in order to not disturb the normal body functions of the rectum.

Buying an enema device is quite different though. Have you been to the pharmacy and asked for one? The event is quite embarrassing. It is truly no fun bumping into your neighbour at the store when you have an enema kit in your hand. The easiest way to purchase a comfortable enema kit that is complete is through an online adult store, this way you can actually view the product at your convenience and not have to worry about the strange looks upon the cashiers face when you leave the pharmacy. In addition, you will have more of a selection of enema kits as well when you shop at an online adult store.

During the second step you should think about a good silicone lubricant or desensitizer cream. Choose a lubricant that will provide you with plenty of moisture. It is also important to think about hygiene and you should pick a condom that will not be destroyed by a silicone lubricant. Always try to use a latex safe lubricant. Many anal sex lubricants are enhanced with a desensitizer cream that will relax and numb the rectum area. Lubricants that are especially designed for anal sex will contain some type of desensitizer to help increase the sexual pleasure of a really good ass pounding.

A person can also prepare for anal sex by inserting their own or their partner’s finger or even by inserting a small butt plug of their choice. Many people of both sexes prefer this method because of the possibility of more foreplay before their sexual experiences. In addition, this method of preparation also offers the opportunity of orgasmic pleasure by masturbating as a part of foreplay.

Choosing the right condom for anal sex is always important. Condoms can help with hygiene and reduce the number of sexually transmitted diseases. There are a wide variety of condoms from natural to ribbed to enlarged tip to glow in the dark colour; choose your favourite condom and wear it during anal sex. There are hundreds of condoms on the market today and it might take you a box or two to understand which brand of condoms fit a penis the best.

No matter how you prepare yourself or your partner before anal sex, it is good health practice to always use a condom while engaging in anal sex.

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