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Picking a Location for Your First Date

first-date-locationsI know as well as you that finding a partner for a date can be difficult at times. There is no real formula for finding the perfect person to date or to even finding a date. Everybody has their own style and secrets but there are steps you can take to make sure your dating experience is more pleasurable and possibly more meaningful in the future.

The two most important things about your first date with a prospective partner is the location and time that you plan your meeting. We trust that you have spoken with your potential dating partner; therefore you probably have a good idea of compatible preferences for food and hobbies. We believe the best place to have your first date is at a restaurant. There are several reasons but most importantly is safety. There are usually a number of people who will be eating or having drink and this is important for safety. After you have chosen a type of food, try to find a place that would be easy for both parties to reach. Some people might think disagree and choose a more open arrangement such as a museum or art gallery or perhaps a sporting event but we suggest saving these opportunities for the second and third date.

The time in which you decide to meet is also very important. Let’s think about which would be better either breakfast, lunch or dinner. Breakfast tends to be more business like, although this time of day can also be good for a clean start to finish time. Some working professionals prefer breakfast because as their work increases throughout the day, stress increases too. Professionals also consider breakfast is a good choice as everyone needs to go to work; therefore there is an ending time to the first date. This is also a big plus for lunch time dates. A person never really knows what challenges, problems, happiness or joy you might experience on a first date with a new partner. Breakfast and lunch time are the most ideal for a first date based on a definite ending point. If you both have enjoyed the company and find that there is the right chemistry, then scheduling another date for dinner or a particular hobby that you both have in common is the best situation to follow. Dinner is the least convenient for creating an ending point for a miserable or non compatible first date scenario. We have all been on one of those dreaded first date where nothing goes well and everything blows apart. Professionals and working people don’t have a lot of time to waste or even spend on looking a companion; it is your job to make the most out of each dating opportunity that arises in your life.

Make sure your strategy is sound when planning your first date. First choose the right food. Secondly, pick an appropriate time such as lunch for a head ache free escape plan. Thirdly, enjoy yourself. Life is too short not to enjoy yourself.

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