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Orgasm Facts – 10 That Will Surprise You

Woman s Hand Squeezing Bed SheetSome people are a little shy when it comes to the top of sex and especially orgasms. Not everyone is open and honest with themselves or their partners. There are more than a few women that have faked their orgasms but it is important that you don’t. Here are 10 surprising facts about orgasms that will make you want to have even more!

#1 – Orgasms Can Be Great For Pain Relief

Sometimes you don’t feel like having sex because you have a headache but it could actually be a good idea. The reason having an orgasm can help you feel less pain is due to the release of a chemical called oxytocin during the orgasm. Sadly the relief doesn’t last long but the good news is that even thinking about sex can be somewhat helpful.

#2 – Using Condoms Doesn’t Get in the Way of a Good Orgasm

When a man uses a condom it does not have any bad effects on the women’s orgasm. It can actually help the man last longer so you can enjoy longer sex.

#3 – 30% of Women Have Problems Having an Orgasm

As many as 1 in 3 women have problems having orgasms during sex. This is even with clitoris stimulation. The percentage goes up to as high as 80% whenever you want to talk about having an orgasm from vaginal intercourse. To help you achieve an orgasm bring into the bedroom either a vibrator or stimulator – it will give you the boost you need.

#4 – Knowing Where Your G-Spot is Can Help You Have an Orgasm

The g-spot is most often inside the vagina where it is rougher. It is where many nerves are and can help women have stronger orgasms vaginally.

#5 – Age = Easier Orgasm

If you aren’t so excited about aging – never fear! As you age you’ll actually be able to have orgasms easier. This is most likely due to women being more experienced and comfortable with their bodies and sex acts.

#6 – More is More

In some cases more is less but in this case doing different things in the bedroom is better. For instance instead of just having oral sex you would have oral sex and intercourse or vice versa. Keep an open mind and explore your sexuality.

#7 – Sexual Self-Esteem Means a Lot

If you feel like you’re a sex goddess you are much more likely to experience a rockin’ orgasm! Make sure that you work on becoming more comfortable and relaxed with your abilities.

#8 – Men Just Don’t Know

When you have sex and moan a lot your man might think you’ve had an orgasm and you hadn’t. You have to let him know what’s up. By pretending to enjoy it when your not, you are just doing a dis-service to both partners.

#9 – You Can Orgasm Without Genital Stimulation

It is rare and amazing but you can actually have an orgasm without genital stimulation. This usually happens whenever you are experiencing relaxation and vibration; for instance a massage.

#10 – Orgasms Can Take a While

Don’t worry if you’re not having 10 orgasms right away or even 1. Sometimes it can take a while to get worked up enough to have one. Practice makes perfect.

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