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Oral Sex Tips Sure to Please Him

md_ebe30f1412078360691356If there’s one thing that most men have in common it’s that they love a good gobby. Even if you don’t enjoy the act itself you’re sure to enjoy his reaction. Here are some tips that will set you apart from any other women who’ve ever given him oral pleasure.

  1. Leave the lights on! Men are visual creatures; the sight of you licking and sucking his penis will satisfy him almost as much as the actions themselves. Take advantage of this and put on a good show. Make eye contact with him as you lick up and down his shaft, keep your breasts in his line of vision if possible and make sure your facial expressions match the sexiness of the moment.
  2. DON’T USE YOUR TEETH! Teeth to penis contact can immediately end a sexual encounter; it may even be days before your man is recovered enough for sexual contact. Keep your mouth open as wide as possible while wrapping your lips around his cock or pull your lips back over your teeth. Keeping your teeth away from his cock may get harder the longer your oral sex session lasts. If your jaw gets tired or your lips hurt from covering your teeth take a break from the oral action or move on to intercourse.
  3. Use your hands! Stroke up and down his shaft in rhythm with the movements of your mouth. Your hands can provide a firmer grip than your mouth. Try moving them in opposite directions while you suck or lick the tip of his penis. If you use plenty of saliva or lubrication the hand and mouth combination can be more satisfying for him than intercourse!
  4. Use your breasts! There are many ways you can uses your breasts to enhance his oral sex experience. Graze your nipples against his thigh or abdomen while your mouth is on his cock. Touching your breasts to his testicles is another move sure to surprise and thrill him. Finally, you can place his cock on your breastbone and push your breasts together around it. Let him slide up and down between your breasts and he’s sure to remember the experience!
  5. Know his equipment! You can probably identify his head, shaft and testicles but do you know the most sensitive spots on his penis? Don’t feel bad! He may not be aware of the pleasure potential of these spots either! The first is the hole on the very tip of his penis; lick it with a firm tongue. (Or if you want to make him orgasm quickly, just hold a vibrator to this area for a minute or two!)The second is the ridge where the head of his penis meets the shaft; firmly encircle the ridge with your hands or mouth to maximize his pleasure. His F-sthe spot, smooth strip of skin on the underside of his shaft, is also packed full of nerve endings; a light touch of your finger will send shivers through his body!
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