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Oral Sex Tips Sure to Please Her

shutterstock-sex-coupleIf you want to pleasure your woman in bed there’s no better way than by treating her to a sensual oral sex session. Here are some steps you can take to make sure you’re the best she’s ever had.

  1. Set the mood! You probably already know your partner’s comfort level in regards to oral sex. Though many women enjoy it, some feel self-conscious during the act itself. Light the room with candles or turn off the lights completely to help her feel more comfortable and less exposed. If your partner happens to be an exhibitionist then do the complete opposite and fill the room with light. Make sure to turn off any fans in the room and have a light blanket close by in case she gets cold.
  2. Start slow! Most women need around twenty minutes of stimulation to reach orgasm so don’t try to race to the finish line. Nibble, kiss and tease her other erogenous zones before you give any attention to her vagina. If you’re not sure of your partner’s erogenous zones tease her earlobes, neck, collar bone, navel, breasts and thighs; her reactions will tell you which spots are her favourite.
  3. Warm her up! Once you’ve made your way down her body massage her labia with your hands for a minute or two to relax her and get blood flowing to the area. Then lightly lick and kiss her outer and inner labia. By the time you reach her clitoris she’ll be aching to feel your tongue!
  4. Multi-task! Try to stimulate more than one area of her body at a time; this will help her have a full body orgasm instead of a concentrated one. Reach up and tease her breasts while you tease her clitoris with your tongue or use your mouth and fingers to give her dual clitoral and G-spot stimulation.
  5. Try sucking her clitoris! Begin with light suction then gradually increase it, paying close attention to your partner’s responses. Most women enjoy this technique (there are even sex toys that provide clitoral suction) but everyone enjoys a different amount of suction. If she starts to pull away you may be sucking too hard.
  6. Try new positions! Lie on your back and have her straddle your face for new oral sex sensations. Or have her stand against a wall for balance and drop to your knees to please her. If you have enough upper body strength have her keep her back to the wall and put one leg over each of your shoulders while you kneel. You experiment with new positions during intercourse, why not do the same during oral?
  7. Cool her down! Women tend to get very hot after an orgasm; some even run a low grade fever. Give her a few minutes to catch her breath; have a towel nearby to wipe off sweat, turn the fans back on and get her a drink of water. If you did a good job she’ll need it!
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