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The Most Popular Toys on the Market

A woman poses at an erotic festival where all sorts of sex toys are on display. A woman poses at an erotic festival where all sorts of sex toys are on display.

Seven out of ten erotic toys sold worldwide are vibrators. Almost all (except the Chinese balls and cock rings) are more or less in a phallic shape. Some are more obviously penis shaped than others. We asked three flagship stores what erotic sex toys are preferred by the public. A market study published in the UK revealed that the three most successful toys in the country among women are; a vibrator that with its curved shape stimulates the G-spot and clitoris simultaneously.

Factory Delight with Case Factory Delight with Case

Jessica rabbit 2.0 Jessica rabbit 2.0
The Jessica Rabbit 2.0 comes in second place, the enhanced version of the vibrator feature in the Sex and the City show, which functions as a clitoral massager.

The third place spot is reserved for the Racey Cox Supersex Bullet Vibrator; also waterproof, small and discreet.

Racey Cox Supersex Bullet vibrator Racey Cox Supersex Bullet vibrator

We interviewed 700 women and sex shop clerks, and we learned a few things

The battery life, discretion, and water resistance are the three conditions that seem to be of more interest in an increasingly competitive and increasingly experienced and demanding market. It’s also becoming more and more important for toys to have several functions.

Women are large consumers of erotic toys, for personal or couples use. In fact, according to this study, 40 percent of British women viewed pornography online and are interested in testing products that can improve their sex lives.

Try Sexual Try Sexual

During the next decade, according to the same British study, the sale of these devices could reach that of Smartphones. Thanks to the variety and availability of models and many public figures that have acknowledged they are great fans of these adult toys.

Currently, it is estimated that in the UK nearly 4 million sex toys are sold each year. It's believed that between 35 and 40 percent of women between 18 and 65 have sex toys in their possession (at least one).

Oh my Oh my

We’ve done our due diligence, and have asked several specialty shops what their best-sellers have been in the last few years, and we’ve made a list of the top toys sold all around the world.

According to our findings, these are the most popular sex toys nowadays:

Are you ready? Are you ready?

- OCEAN by FunFactory. A chic, rechargeable and waterproof vibrator of "noble design with soft rounded tips to both penetrate and stimulate the clitoris, it is made of 100% silicone.

fun factory ocean fun factory ocean

- SORAYA by LELO. "It's the world's most beautiful dual-action vibrator," say its makers. It is fully submersible and has a three-button interface to control the intensity of the vibration. It provides eight unique modes of stimulation. It has one year warranty.

soraya soraya

- AKO by PicoBong. It fits in the palm of your hand; it is discreet and easy to use. It runs on one AAA battery. You can carry it anywhere; it's ultra-discreet and is waterproof up to one meter deep. It’s very quiet, and it has a one year warranty.

AKO by PicoBong AKO by PicoBong

- TIANI by LELO. It’s a massager that can be used by women to wear while making love or to enjoy an intimate experience without using their hands. It's manufactured with technology and has remote control SenseMotion. It's made of water-resistant silicone

tiani by lelo tiani by lelo

- WeVibe II By Standard Innovation. It is the first vibrator in the world designed for use during penetration. It is made of medical grade silicone, allows comfortable stimulation and simultaneously intense vibration in the G-spot and clitoris.

We-Vibe We-Vibe

- STRONIC EINS by Fun Factory. It is a new concept in vibrators, "an energetic toy for even stronger moments of pleasure." Straight and with a considerable size to stimulate the G-spot with soft pulses.

Stronic by Fun Factory Stronic by Fun Factory

- MIA by LELO. A small and seductive vibrator shaped like a lipstick. You can take and use it wherever you like. Mia had four types of stimulation, easy handling and recharged with a USB connection (2 hours of charging is equivalent to four hours of use).

mia by lelo mia by lelo

- TENET DUO by Fun Factory. These are designed to train the pelvis; these soft velvety balls are an innovation on the original design of the same German manufacturers. They are easy to install and comfortable to wear while running, walking the dog, or going to the gym; once the pelvis is better trained, the more the pleasure during intercourse.

Teneo Teneo

Our Search

In our search, we noticed that most clients seek products to share with their partners or with a health focus. So, this is the list of the best selling items and products focused on that:

- OCEAN: a small vibrator, very complete in terms of stimulation points (clitoris and G-spot), good quality in material (silicone) and technology (brand Fun Factory long distance in the world of erotic toys manufacturing products which combine quality and low prices).

- WE VIBE: a vibrator for heterosexual couples that provides double stimulation for women (G-spot and clitoris) and allows penetration that also stimulates the man's penis. Many people look for a product that adds a new level to their relationship and in that sense the We-Vibe is suitable.

we-vibe diagram we-vibe diagram

- SMART WAND: vibrator massager that includes professional features that massages and vibrates when applying pressure on the skin, but unlike many of them, this one is rechargeable and does not require cables.

Smart Wand Smart Wand

- BS ALEX: As a dildo with a silicone, this toy enjoys an exceptional touch, and thus has a large audience, like the rest of the BS products. It's designed with a realistic schematic touch that people tend to like.

BS Alex BS Alex

- AMI JE JOUE: It helps the pelvic floor gradually work, through two specific ways: the weight (up to three different weights ranging "in crescendo"); and size; this weight gain is linked to a decrease in size so that the muscles of the vagina contract.

Ami Je Joue Ami Je Joue

- LOVE LIPS: It is a sturdy toy with a single speed, but having a very comedic design and being pocket sized makes it quite attractive.

- COFRE BLIS BLIS: A small kit designed to give pleasure to the senses, simple and inexpensive. The oil leaves the skin silky, and it can be used to give a massage, combined with the mask to cover your eyes it intensifies the pleasure. The feather is a perfect complement to stroke your partner's skin.


Other of the very well sold toys include:

- Water based lubricant! It is a concentrated and enduring intimate lubricant. Much less dense than other lubricants, making it ideal for use with toys of any material, 100% compatible with condoms product. It complements and facilitates sexual intercourse.

- Conejo Rampante II. According to the website, this is the toy with the best reviews by clients. It has great potential possibilities, different speeds, vibrates and rotates. It is exactly the same toy Miranda used in the series Sex in New York. It uses 4 AA batteries.

- TOK, waterproof vibrator. It's simple, accessible, discreet and submersible. Among its virtues is that it’s very quiet and made of ABS. It is also hypo-allergenic, odorless and compatible with silicone lubricants, water, and preservatives.

- Tenga EGG, egg vibrator. They come from Japan and will adjust to any size. There are six models with six different interior textures. EGG TENGA® within its packaging, containing a pack with lubricant.

tenga egg tenga egg

- TOK II Bullet with remote control. It is the TOK waterproof vibrator’s sister; the new wireless vibrating bullet is very powerful, waterproof and has ten vibration programs that can change from a remotely operated control up to 8 meters from the device.

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