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Most Fatal Mistakes Men Make When Dating Women

emmastone-lgDating women can be a pure joy, provided you’re exactly aware of what you’re doing. Else, it can quickly turn into pain in the ass, and cause a big dent to your mental health and confidence. In this short article, I will take you through some commonly committed fatal mistakes men make while dating girls. Try avoiding these mistakes like your life depends on it. Women are generally very sociable and fun loving people who like getting along with others. But, if you commit any of these mistakes, you can easily kiss your peace of mind and happiness goodbye. There is nothing more dangerous than a woman scorned!

First fatal mistake most men make while dating girls is hiding their insecurities. Have my word, hiding your insecurities can turn out to be both hurtful and dangerous. Feel free to bare yourself open in front of your woman. I mean not literally! Only as far as your feelings and insecurities go. You may think that exposing your insecurities may make you appear stupid. However, on the contrary, if you act confident enough, you can turn these insecurities into your most attractive traits.

Girls love confident man who are comfortable about how they are. The moment you show your weakness when it comes to confidence, you are bound to face hard times with women. Girls are good at interpreting and reading every move of men in good detail. The moment they notice that you’ve been trying to hide some insecurities, they will test you on those very traits. Let me put out clearly what I mean by insecurities here. They are things like short height, birthmark, a missing tooth, baldness, being overweight, having long ears etc. Simply put, anything physical about you which you consider a disadvantage.

A great way of exploiting your insecurities is by showing them openly. Yes, I mean it. To give you an example, if a girl notices that you have a potbelly, she may try testing you by telling you how she adores guys with six pack abs. When she says that, you can either choose to hang your head in shame, feeling all negative about your belly, allowing her to make fun of you, or you can act all daring by using your potbelly to attract her to you. Saying something on the lines mentioned below may be a good idea:

“You like men with six packs, that’s so nice, here, let me give you a good look at my six packs (now flaunt your potbelly to her), go ahead feel them, I know you’re dying to do that”. Make fun of the situation by acting all cool about it. Trust me, girls adore men who treat them in this manner, without fearing their own insecurities.

Second fatal mistake most men make while dating girls is boring them no end. Boring your girl is the best recipe for disaster. All that girls look for in guys are two important qualities of being funny and confident. There is not one single girl on this planet who doesn’t like a funny man. If you’re funny, you have won 80% of the battle and will have no difficulty in dating even the hottest girls. On the contrary, if you’re boring, it is high time you find ways of changing your behaviour.

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