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Masturbation Tips for Women

masturbation-reasons-011Masturbation isn’t only satisfying; it helps you learn what you like in bed. Here are some tips for a great solo sex session.

  • Before any solo sex session it’s important to get yourself in the mood. Find a quite place and take a few deep breaths, clearing your mind of distraction. Use whatever aides you’d like to get yourself relaxed and aroused. Try rubbing yourself with silky body lotion, lighting aromatherapy candles or listening to sexy music. A lot of women also enjoy relaxing in the bathtub before masturbating under the water.
  • Privacy is incredibly important for a satisfying solo sex session. Without it you’ll feel self conscious and won’t be able to give yourself completely over to the experience. Wait until your roommate is gone or your kids are asleep and then enjoy yourself.
  • Take your time! The best orgasms result from prolonged stimulation. Massage your labia for a few minutes before you tease your clit and vaginal opening. Experiment with direct and indirect clitoral stimulation to learn which you like best. Most women are able to reach orgasm through external stimulation alone. Concentrate on how you feel in the moment and your orgasm will take care of itself.
  • If you like internal stimulation, take the time to find your G-spot! This spongy tissue is located a few inches up the front wall of your vagina. Most people report that theirs feel bean shaped. Slowly stroke your G-spot using firm pressure and you’ll soon have an exploding orgasm!
  • Use plenty of extra lubrication. A woman’s body naturally lubricates at the onset of arousal. After awhile this natural lubrication wears away so it’s important to use store bought lube. The lube will increase the sensations of your touch and help ease internal stimulation.
  • Experiment with toys! If you’ve ever had a solo sex session interrupted by hand cramps you know how frustrating it can be. It takes time to get yourself off by hand but with all of the toys on the market you don’t have to! From vibrators to dildos to pussy pumps, there is no shortage of sex toys for you to experiment with. If you’ve never bought a toy before browse some online adult toy stores and read the customer reviews of the toys that catch your eye. And remember that lube is incredibly important when using sex toys, as is proper toy care.
  • If you like visual stimulation, watch porn while you masturbate. Involving your eyes and ears in your solo sex session will heighten the intensity of your experience. Watch a video while you pleasure yourself with a vibrator or use the movie before you masturbate to get yourself in the mood.
  • If you don’t like pornography try reading through an erotic novel. While it can be difficult to hold a book while you masturbate, the steamy sex scenes are sure to put you in the mood and inspire fantasies to focus on while you please yourself.
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