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Making my Baywatch Fantasies Come to Life

pamela-anderson-baywatch-pictures-4Readers Story: Contributed by Brandon

I grew up on TV; it was at worst a third parent, at best an occasional babysitter, and those shows I viewed as my young mind developed had a profound impact on my life. As I got older, I kept watching television, especially during those teen years, where my raging hormones pretty much mandated that I be in place on the couch for the opening credits of Baywatch.

I would wait for Pamela to run across the beach in slow motion, enjoying every rise and fall of her massive chest. I would keep that image in my mind and after the show excuse myself to the bathroom where I would stroke myself to the memory of her gigantic bouncing tits in that tight little red swimsuit.

Now that I’m older I still love that show, and I still have a major crush on Pamela Anderson. Everyone who knows me knows about my obsession. They make jokes, tease me, and every birthday I'm "surprised" with a joke gift. In the past, they've ranged from life size cut-outs to copies of bad movies she's been in. Don't ask me what happens in them, I only watch them with the sound off.

The Perfect Memorabilia…that I Can Screw

Last year when it was my birthday I prepared myself for some awful gag gift, thinking what else could they possibly get me? Little did I know that my friends had found this beauty {click here} It's a blow up doll modelled after Pamela Anderson, and best of all, it has three holes to stick it to her with. I laughed like it was a big funny joke, but secretly I knew that I would be trying this one out as soon as I got home.

There are a few instances where I'm glad that I live alone. Sometimes I may get lonely, but with a roommate I wouldn't be able to lay Pamela down on my couch and have my way with her. Besides, how could I ever be lonely with Pamela there?

Don't worry I'm not going weird about it, just having a little laugh, but seriously, this is a fun toy to play with. I'd never tried any sort of toy to stick my cock into, as far as I've been concerned throughout my life it's been the palm of my hand or nothing for when I'm alone. But with this doll all I had to do was blow her up, then squirt in some lube and plunge right in. I don't know if it feels anything like Pamela Anderson, but I'm not likely to ever be able to make the comparison, so I'm going to pretend it feels exactly like her.

I've actually been having a lot of fun with this blow up doll, I don't have to take her on dates or vacations, she shows no interest in meeting my parents, and so far hasn't wanted to take me shopping. This is the perfect girl that every adolescent teen boy dreams about , and a few immature full grown men like myself.

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