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Loving Relationships And Sex Toys

Adding a sex toy to a relationship can be a great way to increase the intimacy and spice things up. Let's face it, after a while the stresses of everyday life can take a toll of your relationship, especially in the bedroom, and a sex toy is a great way to make your sex life feel like it did at the start of the relationship. Even if your sex life is fun and exciting a sex toy can still be a great addition.

Benefits of using sex toys in a relationship

  • Sex toys make sex incredible! Whether used during foreplay or intercourse; think bigger and better orgasms, and definitely think multiple. Try a toy like a cock ring for something that will make both you and him orgasm with an intensity you won't believe during intercourse, and some massage oil and a vibrator for some intense foreplay.
  • Using a sex toy can increase the intimacy in a relationship dramatically. It's a new experience shared which will help to bond a couple.
  • For couples that have difficulty with communication in the bedroom they may find that adding a sex toy can break down a few of those barriers. The very nature of sex toys demands that you communicate to your lover about how it feels, which can be a great introduction to some naughty dirty talk.
  • Sex toys let you explore threesome fantasies without any commitment. You can emulate the double penetration of a two man, one girl threesome without the bother that adding a third partner would add to your relationship. You can even add in a love doll and try out a two girl, one guy ménage a trios.
  • You can role play, dabble in BDSM, and play with new fetishes and fantasies just by adding a sex toy or two to your bedroom.  Restraints made for sex are way better than most of the do it yourself jobs you can make at home, and generally much safer. That pretty much goes for all sex toys.

Whatever the state of your relationship, whether already in a state of bliss, or just barely hanging on, adding a sex toy or two to the bedroom can be a great addition. Just be sure that both of you are comfortable with it. He might love the idea of pleasuring you with a vibrator but shy away if you come out of the bathroom wearing a strap-on harness and a ten-inch dildo. A good activity as a couple is to buy a toy together to make sure you're both happy, and browsing online affords you the privacy to discuss your options and choose something that suits you both.




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