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Keeping Sex Toys in Prime Condition

lg_e7ac6966123435483618271Some sex toys end up after purchase in a sad state. A few uses, then they are forgotten in a jumbled bedside drawer, only to be pulled out one day and looked at in disgust as they are covered by a layer of grime and dust. There's a simple solution, and a necessary one, as the majority of toys nowadays are designed to last as long as proper care is taken. And after spending hard earned money on the latest gadgets to hit the market, it's a good idea to store and care for them correctly as replacing them can be costly.

Storing Toys Properly

It is important that toys be kept in a proper place with easy access. Sex toys should generally be kept in the bedroom, or wherever they are most likely to be used, and though the bedside drawer is a popular option, it is not always a good idea when there are children in the house. A lockable chest like the Large Black Lockable Vibrator Case {click here} will keep prying hands off of toys, and stop embarrassing situations from occurring. A case can also help keep silicone toys separate from other silicone products. The properties of this popular toy material mean that the material will degrade when in contact with other silicone products, so a case with separate compartments will allow them to be kept apart. Different compartments also allow for lubricants, cords, chargers, and cleaning supplies to be stored together, and more likely to be used when they are all kept together.

Lubes and Oils

In most cases lubrications and oils won't help the longevity of your sex toy in any other way than in how often it gets used. Pairing a toy with an appropriate lubrication will make it more enjoyable and easier to use. The important thing to remember is that all oils and lubricants be stored properly with the bottles wiped off of any spillage, and though most don't have a best before date, anything over a year old should be replaced.

Cleaning Keeps Toys Like New

Besides the obvious hygienic reasons, keeping a sex toy clean after use is important for keeping it in good shape. The material will hold up better if treated properly, and with some toys like butt plugs an occasional sterilization may be required. Most toys can be cleaned with a mild soap and water, and waterproof toys are especially easy to keep clean. But for toys that require some extra special care, there are special cleaners like the Wet Keep It Clean Foaming Toy Wash 7.5oz {click here}, and the pjur Woman Toy Clean 100ml spray {click here}.

Keeping a collection of sex toys in prime condition isn't hard, and keeping them all in one spot along with all of the necessary accessories will ensure that each toy and product actually sees some usage, especially when kept in the bedroom.

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