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Is it amoral for men to use sex toys?

When the subject of sex toys comes up it can be a touchy subject for some. Those with strict moral codes may find it objectionable, while others seem perfectly fine with it. What is important is to follow your own moral code, and that which your relationship is built on. But in general, NO, it is not amoral for men to use sex toys. In fact, playing with sex toys is a great way to prevent adultery and inappropriate lust, a wonderful method for spicing up a committed relationship, and just good fun. So don't let the naysayers sway you, because what is amoral is suffering though boring sex when a toy could make it so much better.

That being said, there are a variety of arguments to combat common views on the misconception that sex toys are amoral and so are the men who use them:

  • Some people find the look of sex toys to be offensive, but toys like strokers made with a vaginal shaped opening aren't meant to be distasteful. They are made that way because the shape of a vagina is familiar, a sexual turn on for many men, and over the years has proven to work effectively at fitting a penis.
  • Toys that are made to look like porn stars or celebrities aren't replacing a real woman, they are fulfilling an unobtainable fantasy. We all have some of those, for some it's graduating university, while for others it is having sex with Pamela Anderson. He may never don cap and gown, just as he's never likely to sleep with the Baywatch babe, but pretending won't hurt anyone.
  • While it is true that some sex toys do closely resemble human body parts, that doesn't mean that a toy will replace the anatomy it is imitating. A persistent, yet erroneous argument is that using a sex toy like a Fleshlight will eventually replace a man's wife or girlfriend as he will prefer the sex toy to her. This is unlikely to happen, because no matter how good a masturbator feels, the real thing will always be better.
  • Adding sex toys to a committed sexual relationship can be a great way to add some extra oomph to what may have become routine. Spicing up things in the sac can lead to an more enjoyable relationship in other aspects and increase the overall intimacy. Toys like a cock ring which slip around the base of the man's penis allow him to last extra long while sporting a larger looking member, and many rings have a vibrating nub to stimulate her clitoris during intercourse.

Men should never be looked upon as amoral for using sex toys. It's a natural progression to better sex, and the women and men who benefit from it aren't complaining.

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