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Intimacy Without Intercourse

shutterstock_529128491When most people hear the word ‘intimate’ their mind interprets it with images of sexual encounters. But in fact, sex and intimacy are not mutually inclusive. You can enjoy sex with someone you have no intimate connection to and you can experience deep intimacy without intercourse.

There are many important reasons to nurture the intimacy in your relationship. It is the key to strengthening the emotional bond between you and your partner. Intimacy is what allows for trust to develop and deepen in a relationship. Intimacy is also what turns the physical act of sex into a fulfilling emotional experience. The stronger the intimate bond between you and your partner, the healthier your relationship will be.

Here are two ways to nurture the emotional intimacy in your relationship.

  1. Make physical contact while in public. To be clear I’m not advising that you lair it up in a bar, but polite public displays of affection are a great way to build intimacy. Confirming your bond to others reaffirms and strengthens that bond within your relationship. Think of the elderly couples you see holding hands at the park. They are still showing the world that they are a team. After all of their years together they are still committed to nurturing the intimacy of their relationship, and that commitment is largely responsible for all of their years together.
  2. Enjoy new experiences together. These experiences can range from trying out a new restaurant to trying out a new sex toy. The more new experience you share with someone, the deeper your intimate connection grows.

Many couples who’ve been together for a long period of time confess that their sex life has become bland and routine. These couples are not suffering from bad sex; they’re suffering from a lack of physical intimacy. To bring this intimacy back to your sex life start by focusing on physical acts outside of intercourse.

Here are some exercises that will build physical intimacy and in turn improve your sex life. Before you begin the exercises make an agreement with your partner that intercourse will not take place. Please note that if you are your partner suffer from a health concern that eliminates intercourse from your life, these exercises are a fantastic way to keep your physical intimacy strong.

  1. Exchanging sensual massages is an effective, nonsexual way to build physical intimacy in your relationship. The partner receiving the massage is allowed to relax and enjoy the sensations of their lover’s hands on their body. The partner performing the massage has a perfect opportunity to study their lover’s body and learn what comforts and relaxes them. Maintain eye contact whenever possible to keep in tune with each other’s responses. Check out our exotic kama sutra body oils
  2. Cuddling is also a great way to build physical intimacy. Relax and match your breathing with your partner’s while running your hands along their body. Soon your body rhythms will sync and your physical intimacy will increase.

Practicing these exercises will improve all areas of your relationship.

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