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How Women Can Take More Control in the Bedroom through Role-playing

cv-1809710008While the roles of women expand on a seemingly every day basis and they juggle more responsibilities, their sex lives tend to suffer. The good news is that many women are taking back control in the bedroom and finding that using role-playing as a tool can really change how their needs are met.

The Benefits of Role-playing

Enhanced Intimacy: Many couples find that adding role-playing to their love making promotes greater intimacy. When both partners are involved in creating a scene, it inevitably brings them closer together, allowing them to explore new fantasies, or enjoy old ones more thoroughly.

Greater Communication: Another benefit is the added level of communication that role-playing together brings. Being able to role-play together takes trust. It can be difficult to expose ones deepest sexual desires, and role-playing that out is a great way to express needs. Many people find that while role-playing they get into character and experience a loss of inhibition that enables them to communicate to their lover exactly what they want.

Exhilarating Sex: When acting out a role-playing scenario the confines of an established relationship are challenged, resulting in a powerful, sometimes overwhelming experience. Whether it's something relatively tame, or something a little kinkier; adding something new and out of the regular comfort zone adds an element that can make sex feel extra exciting.

The Most Popular Costumes to Wear

The surprise here may be how much selection is avialable, with a wide assortment of costumes for every shape and size, and almost every genre. From fairy tales to butterflies and hippies, there's something for everyone. However, despite all the selection the top three costumes for women to wear during role-playing scenes remain consistent with the the French Maid, the sexy Nurse, and a police officer's uniform, and there are many varieties of each one.

The classic French Maid outfit is always popular, and ones like this Maid In Paris with its black bodysuit and white ruffled apron and matching cap and garters have everything most women could desire. For those looking for something a little kinkier an outfit like the Vac-U-Lock Diva Dreams Flirty French Maid {click here}  will definitely take any role-playing scene to a steamy level quickly with its open bra and strap-on dildo.

Even the traditional nurse's outfit is available in a wide range of styles from the sweet and timeless Miss Diagnosed dress that comes complete with its own headpiece and stethoscope; to the full on Naughty Nurse Bondage Kit from Fetish Fantasy {click here} that includes medical style cuffs and mask to add to your scene.

There are multiple benefits to role-playing, and it’s a great way for women to explore their sexuality and discover new ways to enjoy their often limited time to be intimate. It offers an escape from everyday responsibilities, and allows couples to gain greater intimacy and communication while experiencing incredibly invigorating sex. And it can be a lot of fun when all the costumes, toys, and scenes come together to make a fantasy come true.

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