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How to Use a Stroker/Masturbator

A stroker or masturbator has many advantages over the palm of the hand. Strokers feel amazing, offering better-than-real sensations thanks to channeled grooves and special textures, plus they tend to be inexpensive, easy to use and clean, and discrete to store away. They are a great toy for first time sex toy users and with a variety of strokers that offer a non-anatomical look, they are often quite discreet. A stroker can also be an effective tool in learning to hold off on climaxing, and with a stroker the practice can be as much fun as the actual deed. Strokers can make masturbation a lot more fun, but they can also be a great tool to enhance foreplay with a partner. It makes hand jobs easier, and clear see-through sleeves make it a treat for the eyes as well. Follow these easy steps to get the most out of a stroker:

  1. Lubrication

In order for the stroker to slide up and down the shaft of the penis properly, it needs to be adequately lubricated. Too little and it will be uncomfortable, and too much is rarely a problem, so apply to both the inside of the stroker and the full erection. Water-based lubes are good choices for silicone toys, and if unsure of the material then they are a safe choice in all situations. Remember to wipe off any excess lube from hands as it will make gripping the stroker difficult.

  1. Penetration

Slowly work the stroker around the head of the penis. Take time to enjoy all the sensations and don't be worried if the stroker seems tight, it will expand to fit the girth of the penis. Holding the penis by the base with one hand and the stroker with the other, firmly ease the stroker over the penis.

  1. Stroking

Grip the outside of the stroker and start by gently stroking it up and down the shaft of the penis. Get used to the length of the stroker so the penis doesn't fall out, and work up to faster movements. Since some strokers have a hole on the end it is possible to increase the suction by covering it with a finger, though this will likely take some practice.

It's likely that when using a stroker for the first time that climax will be swift. With practice the time before climax will become longer and sexual stamina will be improved.

  1. Cleaning

Thoroughly cleanse the stroker with hot water and soap after use, it should be fairly easy, and the longer this task is put off the nastier it will be.

Using a stroker is easy, and with practice will become like second nature. Try experimenting with different textures and designs; the relatively low price of strokers make this an easy task.




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