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How To Use A Prostate Stimulator

The small sized prostate gland is often referred to as the male G-spot, and with good reason - it's highly sensitive due to the large number of packed nerve endings it contains. Located next to the interior rectal wall, it's most easily accessed through the anus, making it necessary to use a toy to properly massage it. There are several different types of prostate stimulators, with the differentiating factors coming down to material type, form, and technology. Prostate stimulators come in all sorts of materials from silicone to stainless steel, different shapes from single purpose prostate massagers to stimulators with added perineum stimulators, and even stimulators that vibrate.

In general , no matter which type of stimulator it is, there are five easy steps to follow to make any experience with a prostate stimulator as deeply intense and satisfying as possible.

  1. Wash the prostate massager with warm, soapy water and rinse well. Giving the rectum a once over won't hurt either. Some men prefer to use an anal douche like the Ultra Douche before playing.
  2. Before inserting any toy into the anus make sure it is properly lubricated to avoid uncomfortable friction. There really can't be too much, but there can be too little, so apply lubrication to both the rectum and the stimulator. Use a water-based lubricant like UP! Back It Up Anal Gel to be safe with any type of toy, and make clean up afterwards easier.
  3. Lie down on one side and slowly insert the prostate stimulator about two thirds up inside the rectum, then relax and let the body pull the stimulator in the remainder of the way. For the first time using a prostate stimulator, allow ample time to let the body relax and get used to its presence. If there is a perineum massager like on the ProFlex Vibrating Prostate Massager, make sure that it is situated correctly against the skin between the anus and testicles.
  4. Contract and relax the sphincter muscles about 30 times to increase the blood flow. If the stimulator vibrates, then start it at the lowest setting and gradually increase it.
  5. Experiment with other stimulation at the same time; most prostate induced climaxes are a result of both prostate massage and penile stimulation.

Remember: Stimulation of penis + prostate massage = incredible climax! Using a prostate massager can be incredibly intense and pleasurable. It's a great way to add some fun to masturbation, but also a nice treat to give to a lover. As an added benefit, massaging the prostate gland increases the blood flow to it and flushes fluids out, helping to keep it healthy and disease free.




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