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How to Use a Penis Pump

Don't let the design of a penis pump be intimidating. They are actually remarkably easy to use, and with a few simple tips it's a simple task to start pumping up that member to a bigger and better size. Most pumps are made up of a glass or plastic cylinder where the penis is inserted and some sort of hand pump. The cylinder creates a vacuum by decreasing the air pressure, causing the penis to swell. When used on a regular basis the cells in the penis will respond by increasing in number, thus increasing the size.

Step 1: Selecting the Right Penis Pump

  • Not all pumps are made equally, some are bigger than others, and being overenthusiastic and opting for the extra large model may cause the scrotum to become squashed while pumping. On the flip side, a cylinder that is too small won't produce significant gains in size. It's best to pick a pump with a diameter slightly bigger than the current penis size and replace with larger cylinders as needed.
  • A pump with a pressure gauge will allow for better control, as will a pressure release valve. Look for models that also include measurements on the side so progress can be monitored.

Step 2: Prep

  • Prep the pump before each and every use by washing it with hot water and soap. Pat dry with a towel or allow to air dry.
  • Remove any hair that will be exposed to the seal of the pump, otherwise, a full vacuum effect may not be reached.
  • Since using a penis pump is essentially performing an exercise, the penis should be properly warmed up beforehand. Try wrapping a wet and moderately hot towel around the penis for up to two minutes, and repeat four times to help increase circulation.
  • Stroke the penis to achieve a full or semi-erection.
  • Place some lubrication along the point of contact with the pumps cylinder to ensure a snug seal.

Step 3: Pumping

  • Insert the cylinder over the penis until the cylinder makes a seal.
  • Begin pumping slowly, adding pressure until it feels slightly uncomfortable but not painful. Never put the pressure at a painful level as it may cause irreversible damage.
  • Keep the pressure on the pump at this level for ten minutes. During this time light activity such as watching television, shaving, or browsing for new sex toys can be done.

Step 4: After Care

  • After ten minutes decrease the pressure and remove the penis.
  • Stroke the penis for at least three minutes in order to return circulation back to normal or apply the hot towel wrap.
  • Wash the cylinder with hot water and soap, then allow to air dry.
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