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How to Use a Love Doll

Love Dolls really have only one purpose - to get a guy off. Of course, there are other benefits too, like not having to deal with all the added baggage of commitment, after sex cuddling, or pre sex nagging. Best of all when you're done with your doll you can pack it up and store him/her in a drawer until next time. Materials you'll need:

  • Lubrication
  • Love Doll of your choice


  1. Unpack your love doll and blow it up. Most dolls can be inflated via mouth, (not quite the oral you were thinking of), or by using an air pump. Pump to full capacity, but don't overdo it, you don't want her to pop when you place your weight on her.
  2. Dress her up in any special outfit you'd like - a French maid outfit, a cheerleader uniform, or leave her naked and save yourself some time. Many models of Love Dolls come with special outfits, especially if they are modelled after celebrities.
  3. Apply lots of lubrication. Make sure that both the Love Doll and your penis are adequately covered so there's no uncomfortable friction. You can't really have too much, but too little will feel awful.
  4. Pick a hole. Yes, it's that easy. There's no dinner and movie involved, no courting or awkward silences, just pick a hole. Depending on the model, there may only be one, or there may be three. Luckily, there's no worry about transferring bacteria or anything harmful, so you can freely move between holes.
  5. When you're done clean your doll up with some warm water and a mild soap. The sooner you do this the better. Don't worry, you're not going to get her pregnant, but the longer it sits there the more difficult it will be to remove all the semen and lubrication.
  6. Deflate and roll your doll up. Unless you need to use the carpool lane or make a raft to float down river there's no sense in leaving your love doll inflated between uses. In fact, if you find that you are leaving her out and have introduced them to friends and family it may be time to seek professional help.

While providing an easy outlet for masturbation, a Love Doll can also help to fulfill a secret fantasy. There are many types of Love Dolls, including ones modeled after celebrities, and specialty dolls like large women, big busted women, firemen, and even the obligatory sheep. In general the more expensive a Love Doll is the better the quality of the materials and seams, but remember no matter what price you paid to take it easy on your Love Doll; you don't want them to explode before you do.

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