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How to Surprise Your Lover on a Date

You and your lover usually meet for a nice dinner at some point during the busy work week. We all try to find extra time to spend with the ones we love we can. Many couples have problems with sex, relationships, and marriages because there is never enough meaningful time spent with each other. There are numerous reasons at times why a marriage or relationship does not work out but if your problems evolve around sex, the lack of sex or just plain sex. Then maybe you should surprise your lover the next time you meet for lunch, dinner, the cine or just a trip to the museum.

You are probably wondering what the surprise is going to be. Surprise your lover with a pair of remote controlled vibrating panties or a remote control vibrating egg for all of her voyeurism pleasures. Whether you are married, in a relationship or just out with your favourite fuck buddy this idea is fascinating, sensual, sexual and very arousing to both parties involved. You can surprise your date at your place of meeting or you can talk about the idea before hand. Either way, the positive feedback received from this idea has been remarkable.

If you have discussed this idea before hand then your lover can wear and prepare for the vibrating panties under her dress or her skirt. This at times is the more preferred choice because you never know when your surprise can take place. You have to work on the surprise in a situation like this. You don’t want to look stupid when your table starts to shake.

If you are going all out on surprise maybe suggest that your lover wear a special dress or skirt that you know she likes or that you like. Women always love to be told they looking stunning in the clothes they are wearing. When you meet at your destination, feel out the mood of the place, the people and your lover. After giving her your surprise, whether it is vibrating panties or an egg, go ahead and ask her to put them on, if she has not already asked to be excused to the ladies room. Whether you are at a restaurant, in a museum or night club let her take her time putting them on. She may want to experiment in the stalls before coming out so that she knows what to expect. Don’t be surprised if she pleases herself before coming back.

Now you are wondering where to purchase such an incredible sex toy to liven up your next date. An online adult store will provide you with more privacy, a better selection of vibrating panties and offer you more discretion. Usually, your local adult store will only have one selection, if any, in a vibrating panty. Online adult stores also offer discrete billing and shipping through proxy companies.

When you want to surprise your lover, just remember to take the remote control and push a button as she sips on her glass of Merlot in your favourite corner booth.

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