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How to Store Sex Toys Safely and Discreetly

You may not think of locking up your sex toy, after all it's not like jewellery and hardly likely to be stolen, but when your 5 year old comes out brandishing it like a light saber at your next dinner party you may just rethink it. In fact there are a ton of reasons to store your toys properly, not least of which being that children think the buzzing and shaking toys are fun. So it's a good idea to keep your toys in a special chest, drawer, or hiding spot where they won't be easily subjected to sticky fingers and prying eyes. Why does it matter?

  • Storing toys properly will keep them free from dust and debris, ensuring that when you're next in the mood that your toy is as ready as you are. Dust can get caught in the motors of electronic toys making them work less efficiently or sometimes not all, so keeping them stored away will also prolong their life.
  • cases with locks will keep your vibrator safe from children's inquisitive minds and sticky hands, as well as from your dog's mouth. There's nothing worse than coming home to find that Fido has chosen your new dildo as his favourite chew toy.
  • Keeping toys together and in one spot means that when you're in the mood you'll know exactly where to go. No more searching through multiple drawers or through the closet, when you have a designated storage space you'll be able to grab your toy and start playing right away.
  • With proper storage, all the accessories you need for your toys will be right at hand. Keeping the  proper lubes, chargers, and batteries stocked up and with the toys that need them will ensure you're always prepared.
  • When all of your toys are in one location you'll be less likely to forget about ones you have. You'll find that your collection gets a lot more use when you know what you have.

How to store your toys

  • Choose a place to store your toys. We recommend this large sized Lockable Vibrator Case if you have a larger collection, though smaller sized cases are also available.
  • Before storing toys make sure that any batteries are removed; if they leak in your toy you could chance ruining the motor.
  • Store silicone toys so that they are not touching other silicone toys as it could cause the material to degrade.
  • Store any accessories like chargers and batteries, as well as lubes and oils, next to the toy they are meant for.
  • Place your case somewhere that is accessible when you're in the mood, but not too easy to get to if you've got children or nosy visitors.




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