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How to Spice Up Your Marriage

spice-marriageWe all try to find new ways to bring a little something more to our marriages. At times this can be very easy and at other times more difficult. One way you can introduce more heat into your marriage is through sexual fantasies and role playing. A person could use their imagination and come up with fifty or sixty different scenarios to fulfil their own and their partner’s sexual dreams. Sometimes marriages just get stuck in a rut and finding the right road to take is the key to your and your partner’s happiness.

One thing you can try is to buy a costume and try role playing with your husband. There are several different styles available through online adult stores. Online adult stores are a great way to purchase costumes for role playing. Generally there are costumes related to police woman, school girls, nurses, pirates and many others. Most manufacturers like Seven till Midnight offer costumes in all sizes ranging from small to 3XL/4XL for many of their most successful costumes.

My favourite has always been the Gothic School Girl costume with a black leather like top and red plaid miniskirt created by Seven till Midnight. My wife always looks really hot when she wears this with her black high heel boots! But I had to convince her that I the fantasy was only about our younger days and was not a fantasy for a young school girl.

Seriously, when you first approach your partner about role playing with costumes you must be open minded. Some women do not like the idea of role playing in a school girl costume but would be more than happy to wear a nurse’s costume and help cure your sickness of horniness. As I mentioned earlier, you must be careful on how you first breach the subject with your partner. One of the best times to ask your partner is when you are both having fun and talking natural with each other. You will probably be surprised how easy the conversation takes place and you will be picking out a costume together!

Don’t worry there are plenty of male costumes out there too for you to choose from. Maybe one night you can be Tarzan and swing through the bedroom with your manhood covered by a velvety soft leaf looking loin clothe. Role playing with costumes is not just for the woman but the man should not be inhibited in wearing a fireman’s outfit or even being a police man for an evening at home.

Always be sensitive when you ask about role playing. Sometimes jealously and other natural human feelings come into play without you even realizing that they are in play. Whether the answer is yes or no, sensitivity is something that you should always show towards your partner no matter what type of situation you are talking about.

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