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How to Play when you're Away

alone-in-bedReader Story: Contributed By Richard

Like most guys I like sex, lots of sex, whenever I can get it. Thankfully I have an amazing girlfriend with a sex drive to match my own. So when I found out I was being sent to an important conference for a week I knew I'd be missing my daily release.

Thankfully my girl is not only a sex freak, she's also extremely understanding and sent me away with a full care package for my trip. It was a complete set so that I'd never feel lonely or bored, and always have a way to get off without looking for some local talent. She got me a Tenga Double Hole Cup, the Tenga Hole Warmer, and the Tenga Hole Lotion Real. I know she got them from, because that's her favourite go to site for toys and lingerie.

Stroking it in a New Way

I waited until I was away, because why use a toy when you have the real thing at hand, but once I was on my own I barely waited for the hotel room door to shut. I pulled out my gear and pulled down my pants. I filled the ice bucket with hot water and placed the Hole Warmer inside it, then after a minute I placed it inside one of the ends of the Double Hole Cup. After a minute I took it out and generously lubed up both ends of the Cup with the Hole Lotion. This was the big test, and I was really hoping it would feel good. As soon as I slipped my cock inside I was met with a warm and wet feeling that was incredible. I started pumping and the ribbed texture inside felt amazing against me. Just when I was ready to blow my load I pulled out to slow it down then switched to the other end. Wouldn't you know it felt even better than the first one. Didn't take me long to finish off then. When I could actually stand up I took it to the sink and washed it out with a bit of soap and water, it was really easy to do.

I spent the first day of the conference thinking about that stroker and how good it had felt. It hadn't felt exactly like a pussy, but close, and somehow different and amazing with all that texture on the inside. I loved how easy it was to control each motion, and it definitely beat the palm of my hand.

I met a few nice people at the conference, and we had some good times especially when the work was done and the beer started flowing. But I found myself leaving early each night so I could get on the phone with my girlfriend back home and stroke myself to her sexy voice with my warmed up Double Hole Cup.

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