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How to Choose the Right Flogger

degradation-play-1086882-TwoByOneChoosing the right whip, or flogger, depends on the type of sensation sought after. Is it wanted for delivering a sharp sting, or more of a thud? There are a variety of important factors to consider when purchasing a flogger, among them the length and width of the falls, as well as the number, and the overall look and feel. With so many on the market it can be difficult to narrow it down, but this guide should provide a good start.


When a flogger has long falls it will act more like a single tailed whip and can be dangerous in the hands of anyone but the most experienced user. For those with less experience the tails should be no longer than the length of the forearm to avoid tangling and ensure better control. Ones like the Scandal Flogger {click here} have a good short length that are ideal for those starting out, while the Large Whip from Sportsheets is best left to those with advanced skills due to its extra long length.

Number of Falls

When a flogger has a lot of falls it tends to make more of a thud sensation against the body, while fewer falls means it will deliver a stinging blow. For that sharp sensation try the Braided Bitch from Fetish Fantasy {click here}. It will make every swing sting with its bite. If it’s the softer thud that's sought then the thick and bushy Sensual Purple Flogger from Lelo {click here}, is always a good choice. It is composed of a large number of tails together, and feels amazing when it's used to thud against the skin, then alternated with a gentle caress of the leather falls.

What Other Factors Are Important?

There are numerous other factors that will further narrow down the decision, like esthetics. Does the flogger need to be a certain colour like the all black Braided Bitch, or can it be something fun like the lavender Sensual Purple Flogger? Should the toy look intimidating, or friendly? There's always the comfort factor too; it will be a lot more fun to bring down that whip if it feels comfortable in the hand.

No matter what type of flogger fits the bill, there are plenty out there, and in a large range of prices. When the search is over and the perfect flogger has been found, make sure to get lots of practice with it, trying it out on a pillow, the underside of an arm, or the thigh, until the exact force needed is determined. It's important to get the right style of flogger to match the sensation desired, but when all of the above factors are taken into consideration, making the choice will be easy.

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