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How is Sex Perceived in Different Relationships?

intimate-couple-in-the-bedroomHas it ever occurred to you why sex plays such an important role in almost all the relationships? There are people who just won’t date you when they come to know that you are off limits when it comes to sex. Most people into active relationships expect to be invited home after a romantic date and given a good time. For a large majority of men and women, all they are looking for is instant gratification. Once that sexual encounter is complete, you may end up merely as another notch in the belt buckle of your partner.

I have come to understand that nowadays sex has become quite casual than it was ever before. In fact, it has turned so casual that people equate it with the act of walking through the park. I wonder how can two people feel comfortable undressing in front of each other when they have met only a while ago, and that too for the very first time?

How do these people don’t hesitate even a bit when exposing their most private body parts to someone who’s a complete stranger? How is it possible for two people to climb into bed and start behaving as if they have been soul mates for a very long time? When they actually care only about the pleasurable feelings of instant sex.

There is nothing denying the fact that sex plays an important role in any healthy relationship. But, there are some important considerations regarding it that we should always keep in mind before climbing into bed with a complete stranger and taking off our clothes without a thought.

Some of these considerations are:

Sex, when mixed with love is capable of delivering the best emotions – I have been in love for a long time now and married the same person I loved. When you spend your day and night with the special person that you love, you’ll automatically find sex to be great!

Sex is much more than instant gratification – It is true that sex feels good and there is hardly anyone who may feel otherwise. But there is much more to sex than instant gratification. Sex is in fact a means to help us transcend those physical boundaries and revel in a place which is abound with emotional as well as physical satisfaction.

It’s just not possible to be completely intimate with someone new – You may argue that it can sometimes also be difficult to get intimate with someone you know too well. However, when you climb into bed with a complete stranger, you both may not even know each other’s name, your likes, your dislikes etc. How do you think that this person deserves to have a look at the real you?!

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