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Give Your Lover Her Best Orgasm Ever

best-orgasm-everEvery man wants to give their lover the best climax that she can possibly experience. The problem is most men do not know how to achieve this for their lover. Some men don’t listen in the bedroom and some men just don’t have the stamina. Whether your problem is stamina, listening or they are just plain lacking the imagination that is needed to satisfy their lover; there are many different things you can do to enhance your sexual prowess.

One step you can take is to follow the lead of your lover. Look, your lover knows exactly what they are looking for in sexual pleasure. Your lover also knows what your capabilities are in the bedroom too. When you are listening and following your lover’s leads you can better explore your inhibitions too. More than likely when you have found a good sensual spot to pleasure your lover then just don’t stop there and remember the spot for the next time of sexual activity too.

Another step you can take is by researching for new erogenous areas for you to pleasure. This will surprise your lover and make the love making session more memorable because your lover will appreciate the fact that you are researching new ways to enjoy sex with each other. You can research new positions and techniques in many different ways. You can watch a few pornographic movies, buy a magazine or book on new sex techniques or even talk with other females like your fellow employees or best friends to see what works for them. Chances are you will get much information from people once you decide to ask the questions.

Many couples are also exploring their sexual desires by purchasing and using vibrators, dildos and other sex toys that are now widely available. Employing vibrators during your sexual activities can help bring your lover to new orgasmic heights. Vibrators allow you to concentrate on several different areas of pleasure for your lover. Your imagination needs to be alert and ready to play when you introduce a vibrator or dildo into your sexual activities. Be creative and don’t simply place the vibrator into your lover’s vagina. Use the vibrator during foreplay and during sexual intercourse for that added extra pleasure for your lover and yourself.

When you want to give your lover their best orgasms then you need to practice. If stamina is a problem try practicing keegle exercises that will help you with premature ejaculation and will increase your stamina before you blow your load. Look there is nothing wrong from learning from your own sexual practices that work for other lovers and practicing these new sexual techniques with your current lover. They are probably performing some techniques that they practiced on with other sexual lovers.

When developing your perfect technique for the ultimate sexual orgasm you need to remember to be patient, to listen, be adventurous, and use your imagination. Your lover will appreciate the effort that you give n trying to please them in different sexual ways.

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