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Getting Bigger the Easy Way

pha067000051It can be embarrassing to drop the towel in the locker room when every other penis on view is at least average or better, and the member under the towel doesn't quite measure up.

Even worse would be to bring home a new lover and see a disappointed look on their face when the clothes come off. These types of embarrassing situations can be avoided easily, and without great expense, by using an affective and high quality penis pump.

Bathmate Pumps

While many methods promise an enlargement in overall size, many can be dangerous, costly, and ineffective. The Bathmate line of penis pumps is backed by research and testing, and is a safe alternative to surgery or pills. Bathmate promises amazing results and a style of pump that is significantly more effective than traditional pumps with a 95% success rate. Designed to be used in the bath or shower, Bathmate pumps make use of strong water pressure, and they have proven to be 250% more effective than air pumps.

The Pumps

There are several different pumps that make up the Bathmate collection, from the Hydromax, to the Hercules,  to the Goliath. Each pump has a scale on its side so that keeping track of the results is easy, and using each pump is even easier. It's also comfortable too with padding at the base that also helps make a perfect seal. Using these powerful pumps gives the penis a super masculine shape with an exaggerated head, and a thicker shaft, plus an overall gain in length too.

Easy to Care For

All of the Bathmate pumps are simple to care for, and since they're being used in the shower or bath it's convenient too. They need to be washed with some warm water and soap using a washcloth, or can be expertly cleaned with the special Bathmate Cleaning Kit, which you can get here. And of course, with anything that gets put over an intimate area it should be sterilized occasionally, and that's easy to do with the Bathmate Sterilising Tablets - click here.

The Routine, the Results

With consistent use of 15 minutes per day for several weeks a noticeable difference in the size of the penis will be observed. Imagine a girth that a hand can barely wrap around, a super long shaft, and a big fat head. This can all be achieved without dangerous surgery or even pills, and will do it much quicker than a traditional air pump. All that's needed is a little water and a Bathmate pump like the Hydromax, Hercules, or the Goliath.

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