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libidoThere are a lot of scientific contributors to why a person loses the urge and the passion for intimacy. Eliminating these avoidable reasons is the best way to get your libido back.

Here are the top five causes for your libido loss;

  1. Alcohol – This substance plays with our senses and body chemistry. Alcohol may help a person relax for sexual intimacy but it also alters the body’s natural chemistry as to when and how our urges are used or released.
  2. Bedroom Entertainment – TV, gaming consoles, tablets, mobile phones, computers and such are great alternatives to sex. Bedrooms are meant for sleeping, taking a rest and for having intimate moments. Instead, with these distractions, our libido’s are being suppressed in exchange for other bedroom entertainment. So eliminate these distractions at once!
  3. Wrong food intake – Wrong Diet. Sugar, Junk food, processed foods, preservatives in foods, refined produce, and, of course, alcohol. These wrong types of food alter the normal body chemistry and suppress the libido nutrients. Try incorporating chilies, chives, mangoes, strawberries and oats to your diet to help boost your libido.
  4. Physical exercise – Getting your blood circulating properly to every part of your body increases your nerve-sensory and helps release serotonin, a feel-good natural body chemical being produced in the brain. Proper exercise also prevents erectile dysfunction for men and boosts a woman’s sexual excitement.
  5. Contraceptive Pills – Other than preventing pregnancy, these medications also suppresses a woman’s urge and derails the attraction to the opposite sex. This effect can stay for years after a woman stops taking it.

Upon eliminating these bad contributors to your libido, it is time to know the top five on how to boost your libido back.

  1. Aroma therapy – This practice is no longer new as many people practices aroma-therapy for almost every situation; for muscle relaxation, psychological therapy, focus management, mind coordination and, of course, sexual stimulation.
  2. Organized sex – There is always a right way to do certain things. In sex, it is by using all of the five human senses; look, touch, smell, hear and taste. Locking eyes with your partner, touching each other continuously, smelling good naturally, hearing each others breath and trying to sync both your breathing, and not being side-tracked by outside distractions. Try a kama sutra book to help bring the mind-body connection into the bedroom.
  3. Experiment – Every man has the urge to try something new and every woman is sacred to do so; vice-versa. Agreeing to doing something new will help boost a couple’s sex life and can help bring one’s libido back.
  4. Try Maca – This plant from Peru can be eaten like vegetables and it is known to have the necessary nutrients that have the ability to boost a person’s mood and libido as well as sperm production and fertility.
  5. Add-ons - Add anything to boost your sexual urge. A sexy undergarment, Silk sheets, candles, oil, massages, role-playing, or even sex toys. Exert some effort to make things happen.
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