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Five Penile Health Tips

penis-health-anatomyRead our top 5 tips for penis health in 2014.

#1 Remember Mom telling you to always wear clean underwear, well there is a reason for that other than arriving at the hospital with skid marks on your shorts, and that reason is cleanliness which we all have to pay attention too! Cleanliness is the first step in living a healthy life and can also be the preventive for us not getting as many diseases and health issues from the start. Regular bathing and grooming will take care of most of your body, along with medical checkups, but there are some areas that need some extra care and conditioning to keep them in tip top shape to perform the purpose of their function of your body and one of them is the penis, which all us guys want in the best health and shape that is possible so the little guy can continue to produce the pleasure and other functions to the best of his ability. Sex is what a guy thinks is the main purpose of his little head, so don’t try to convince him differently by telling him that expelling urine is of that great of importance, although that too feels good most of the time. The penis is a somewhat delicate organ but can also be the tough guy when it is called for, hopefully often, but it does take some attention for it to continue to do its duty so keep the little guy happy, you only have one!

#2 Shaving or trimming around the penis is a good idea because it enables you to keep the area cleaner and actually keeps the area cooler which helps your sperm out, because to hot of body temperature can affect the production of your sperm and no baby you will happen. Always cleanse your penis thoroughly after having sex so that any residue or lubricant will be removed and the chance of getting a rash or infection will be limited. It’s just like washing your hands after using the toilet, you know you didn’t piss on them, but you want to make sure that there is nothing there. Precaution and cleanliness is what it is all about.

#3 The importance of using condoms is large because they can be your only defence against sexual diseases and the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy. A very simple, yet affective, device the condom is a must use these days, with all the different STD’s and other diseases that are turning up, it is the most proven and approved device there is. Condoms have been around for hundreds of years, but the modern condom is the top of its creation and does the job so well that it has helped the medical profession slow down the onslaught of many STD’s and curbed many young pregnancies. Easy to apply and large selections of design the condom is the way of the world!

#4 Now that we have established that the condom is priceless in the health and happiness of the penis, you need to know how to use the jewel so you and your lover can benefit from all it covers and all that it protects. Most condoms are made of Latex and allow all your feelings to feel as if you have nothing on, but there are problems at times when the natural lubrication of our bodies just can’t keep up with our libido, so be aware that there are many types of lubricants and lotions that enhance your experience without causing problems with the condom material, and you can continue on in your quest for joy. Always make sure that all your lubes and lotions are of the right kind so as not to have any mishaps while the pleasure is building! Be Safe! Be Covered!!

#5 Now that we have covered that let’s talk about another alternative, masturbation, the one man, or woman, orchestra that plays the favourite music of the soul! The greatest thing about masturbating is that there is virtually no way to get an STD from your hands unless they were just someplace before you washed. No chance of pregnancy. It’s a win- win game and you can thrill yourself anytime you want and you won’t get no for the answer! Although it is definitely not the same as face to face; it can be very satisfying and harmless to your health, so with all my expertise. I advise you to stay healthy and please yourself and your lover as much as you can!! Stay Healthy, Clean, and Active!!

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