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Five Health Tips for Men

Think about cologne, condoms, shaving, lubrication and bathing. We give you all the best tips for being a better man!

#1 A clean man is a happy man and we all know that keeps others around him happy also. As all doctors and health advisors tell you, exercise is best for your whole body and mind and gives you the chance to live a healthy and robust life for many years to come. So above all else keep a good, solid exercise routine so you and your body can enjoy all the pleasures life has to offer you and the partners you choose to share it with. Talk with a doctor or trainer about what types of exercise are best for you and what you want to accomplish, do you want more stamina, more muscle control, or whatever it is they can guide you in the right direction. Stay healthy, body and mind, and the rest will follow as you go thru life partaking of the thousands of things you can and want to do with the fit and sensual body you have created!

#2 After all that exercising you know and probably everyone around you knows that you have been working or working out, and that brings on the part about cleanliness is next to godliness. Let’s face it we all know that unless you are in the middle of a safari in Africa and can’t find water there is no excuse for you to smell from the toil you have been through and there is no reason to offend all those around you when there is a simple solution, bathing! I know everyone has been doing it since birth, but the real purpose for this ritual is health based. Not only does it stop the skunk odour coming from your direction it also removes many germs and bacteria that seem to cling to the human body. When cleansing the body be sure to give great attention to the groin and anal areas so you are sparkly clean and feeling fresh as a flower to keep the female gender from running away instead of wanting to cuddle up. When you are spiffed up from head to toe and all spots in between you will feel good and look good for your adventures to come. #3Come on admit it ,as guys we want to be healthy and fit, but the real reason we want all this is to attract the opposite sex! Keeping this in mind we move on to one thing I have not heard out of a woman’s mouth, that they love all that facial hair and some other areas. So come on guys shave, we know it feels good and looks good to be clean shaven, and give the ladies a break from stubble rash and other issues. Once you are properly groomed, from head to toe, it is time to use the cologne and other enhancing magnets to get on with the reason we do our ritual, to get on with the game of life! Women love soft skin and good smells so do your best to give them what they want and maybe they will help you with your ritual every now and then!

#4 This one is to help you once you have cleaned it up and is ready to get on with probably the best and most sought after exercise known to mankind, sex! You build muscle and burn many calories during the act of love, so you want to keep this exercise a regular part of your program and I’m sure your partner will want to help you stay healthy! As with all things there is health issues connected with human’s greatest exercise. Precautions must be taken to prevent any types of STD’s from being transmitted or an unwanted pregnancy to occur. The best thing that man has come up with to prevent these things from happening is the condom, sometimes called a rubber, sheath or little Harry’s blanket depending on who you are talking too, but in all reality it is a very good tool to have with you all the time. Easily used and available it can prevent many things which can happen from happening, therefore making everyone involved safer and happier while they enjoy their quest for health.

#5 After doing all that we have recommended you are probably at the peak of what makes you feel good and healthy, keep in mind that your purpose is to stay healthy so use the tools out there to make this as easy as possible, such as the right based lubricants, water or other natural ingredients, so each partner will know that they are safe and that your session together will be a great experience! Remember that all you do should be done with you and your partner’s health in mind, and chances are that the both of you will try to help each other in your pursuit of health and happiness!

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