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Finding Love (or a Hook Up!) Online

man-in-bed-laptopWhile online dating websites continue to grow in number and variety there are still stigmas attached to using technology to find that special someone. People are quick to discuss the horror stories they’ve heard about  dating sites.

Their friend thought he was talking to an attractive young female only to later discover he’d poured his heart out to a perverted old man, or their sister hooked up with a guy who stole her jewelry and was never seen again. While it’s true that some users have had unfortunate experiences with online dating the reality is that many more customers have found their perfect match online.

Many consumers turn to online dating for the simple convenience. There are thousands of potential mates to sort through as opposed to the dozen or so usually available at their local pub. The website profiles provide an enormous amount of information about each candidate so the user can easily determine who they’d like to pursue contact with. Many online dating sites have each subscriber answer personal questions which are used to match users with others most suitable for them. In less time than it takes to pick up takeaway the subscriber can be matched with a large selection of compatible mates.

The variety of specialty dating sites is another draw to those looking for love online. There are sites that cater to only one religion, to people wanting to find a lasting commitment, to those who are just looking for a hookup, and even those searching for a partner with an impressive annual income. These specialty websites are fantastic for people with very specific criteria. A Jewish girl with her heart set on marring a Jewish man doesn’t want to waste her time at a bar, trying to casually work religion and marriage into conversations to see which man is right for her. Not when she could log onto a website that specifically caters to her religion and commitment level! Just as a single woman looking for a hookup would much rather have a selection of no strings attached options rather than be judged by the men at the pub who are looking for more!

Every dating website, regardless of who they cater to, offers many psychological benefits to their subscribers. While dating face to face can be awkward, with uncomfortable silences and sideways glances, dating online provides users the opportunity to get to know someone from the safe comfort of their home. Most people are at their most comfortable in their home, which makes them much more inclined to be themselves instead of who they thing their date wants them to be. Getting to know someone without seeing their physical appearance provides for a deep emotional connection instead of a superficial attraction based connection.

While dating websites commonly charge a membership fee the cost is small compared to the price of a night out and many websites offer free trial periods. If you’re looking for a partner, look no farther than your computer!

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