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Fetishes You Didn’t Know Exist

images (1)A fetish is defined as a sexual obsession or fixation on an object or body part that isn’t traditionally considered sexual. Most people are aware of common fetishes like foot fetish and cross dressing, but there are many other fetishes the majority of the public are not aware of.

Here are a few.

1. Diaper Fetish: People with a diaper fetish may enjoy having their partner wear a diaper during sex or wearing the diaper themselves. Others may prefer to wear a diaper all of the time. People with a diaper fetish may engage in a wide range of activities. Some enjoy wetting or messing their diaper and having their partners change them.

Others simply find comfort from wearing a clean diaper during everyday activities. Some people, commonly referred to as adult babies, also enjoy wearing children’s clothing or using pacifiers with their diapers. Outsiders falsely associate a diaper fetish with pedophilia; the sexual pleasure is gained from the objects themselves and has nothing to do with sexual attraction to children.

2. Klismaphilia: Klismaphilia describes someone who receives sexual pleasure through enemas. Some practitioners enjoy the internal pressure while others are gratified by the final release of fluid. A majority of klismaphilia practitioners are men, and it is common in both heterosexual and homosexual individuals. In extreme cases practitioners may seek medical attention under the false pretense of being constipated, making medical personnel unknowing accomplices in their fetish experience.

3. Plushophilia: Plushophilia is the sexual attraction to stuffed animals or people dressed in animal costumes. Plushophilia is also mistakenly associated with pedophilia. Practitioners derive sexual pleasure from the texture and appearance of plush toys and animal costumes and have no sexual attraction to children.

More serious fetishes

While most fetishes, however uncommon, are generally safe there are some that put practitioners in serious physical or emotional danger. The following are the two most dangerous sexual fetishes.

Hybristophilia: Hybristophilia is a sexual fixation with people who have committed violent crimes. The majority of people with this fetish are women. The most well known examples of this fetish are the women who correspond with or even marry incarcerated criminals. In many cases hybristophilia practitioners become their partner’s accomplice, encouraging them to commit crimes for their own sexual gratification. In other cases practitioners become more vulnerable to their partner than they intended, completely lose control of the situation and become their partner’s next victim.

Erotic Asphyxiation: Practitioners of erotic asphyxiation achieve sexual satisfaction from choking and suffocation. Blood flow to the brain is temporarily cut off resulting in dizziness and lightheadedness that practitioners claim enhances their orgasms. There is absolutely no safe way to practice erotic asphyxiation. Lack of oxygen to the brain, even for a short time, can cause serious brain damage.

Partners who share an erotic asphyxiation fetish can easily lose control in the moment and suffocate their partners longer than they intended, resulting in death. Death is even more common with auto erotic asphyxiation, where the practitioner uses suffocation during masturbation.

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