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Eight Sex Toys From 50 Shades of Grey You Cannot Miss Out On!

1. Riding Crop "Sweet Sting"

I give my hand. Before I realize, he hits me in the heart. He raises his right hand and hits me again. I look and I see desire in his bright eyes. - "We aim to please Miss Steele" - whispers Christian. He walks around, shaking his whip and whips me on my butt. - Like this, Anastasia? – He asks me - Yes He whips me again in my ass. This time it hurts. - "Yes, what?" - "Yes Sir"

The most BDSM at its best; technology developed it to incite the beasts of burden turned sex toy for games in the bedroom. 65 centimeters slack with a leather handle and chrome finish. As you can see from the picture the tip is not glued on, it is sewn on and attached to the rod. It is balanced and very easy to handle (when you least expect it, you’ve already whipped someone’s buttocks). I was struck by the leather strap it has. It is exactly like the one on the Wii Remote. Two possible explanations come to mind for this:

Option One: The people from "50 Shades Darker" are concerned about the safety of the attendees for those who join the orgy and are ready to ride.

Option two is that they made it reminiscent of the classic riding whip. (I guess when you ride a 17 hand horse at 70km/h, the likelihood that the whip is going to take wind are high).

In any case, the crop looks good, and it seems like it is sturdy enough to go riding if that is your thing. 00111002100320042

2. Metal handcuffs

Christian pulls metal handcuffs out of his drawer. They are solid and the metal is cold. - "I want to use them on you now. Wanna play? "- Christian tells me quietly, and my desire explodes in the depths of my loins. - "Yes" - gasp. - "This will not hurt, Anastasia. But it will be intense. Very intense, because I will not let you move. Understood? These are realistic handcuffs, and let me clarify this point; It is not that I usually end up with real handcuffs every time I go to a party, (although I do deserve it). Just by touching them you can tell that if you cuff someone to the bedpost, they are not moving from there. So that you know, if you have a plan to kidnap the hottie neighbour and handcuff her to your bedpost so that she does not move there is a lever to open the cuffs without using the key. Inside the box is a bag to keep them in for nex time, (you never know when you might need them). You can find the handcuffs here. 007100620052

3. Masks

He removed the mask from his back pocket. - "I think you've seen enough" - whispers Christian. He puts the mask over my head and covers my eyes. My breathing quickens. - "Why is it so erotic to not see anything?" Two masks in two different colours, one black and one gray. They serve to cover your eyes or those of your partner. Have you ever tried to do it blindfolded? If the answer is no, then run and write it on your list of proposals for your Christian. You will not regret it. The masks have a sober and elegant design. They are discreet enough to put in your purse the next time you take the shuttle, either to sleep or to subject it to quality control in the restroom with a flight attendant. I tried out the fitting rooms at my local department store, (utterly arousing), the next thing to cross off my list of "things to do before going to a better life," is getting it on in the bathroom of a plane. You can find the masks here. 008100910101

4. Cat Tail Whip

He holds a cat-tail whip in his right hand. - "Touch it" - whispers Christian. I timidly reached out and brushed the long strips. It has many long fronds, all made of soft suede. - "I'm going to use it. It will not hurt, but you it will make blood run through your skin’s surface and it will make you sensitive". He catches me by surprise. It does not hurt; it produces intense tingling throughout my body. This cat-tail is probably the most striking artifact in the collection. It is halfway between a mop without a stick and full-on whip. Although not shown in the photos, the tails are satin. If you caress them, they are soft. They are light enough so that you may beat your partner with force without hurting them. The handle is bound in leather and secured with rivets that give a medieval touch. Those who have been thinking about starting a collection of medieval weapons to decorate the wall of your Red Room of Pain are in luck, it would possibly be one of the best pieces in the exhibition. You can find the cat-tail whip here. 0111013101410151

5. Metal Beads

"Do you trust me?" - Christian asks me quietly. I nod. He holds out his hand. In the palm, he has two round silver balls held together by a thick black thread. - "This one is to give us pleasure, Anastasia, for you and me." The balls are pushed into me, and I get lost in a sea of sensations. The two balls are shiny silver colored, held together by a black cord with a ring at the end. They rest in a black case. These balls are made of solid metal. There are silicone balls, hollow PVC balls, and metal balls on the market. In this case, they are completely made of metal. They have a diameter of 3,3cm and weigh 220g. If you have never tried Ben Wa balls before it is better if you choose silicone balls to start with that you can also find in the official collection of toys in the 50 Shades of Grey range. Are you ready to unleash the goddess inside you? You can find the balls here 0161017101810191

6. The Plug

- "When you are ready, I'll love it too. Not today, sweet Anna, but one day." - "I want to own every centimeter of your body. You are mine". I think of the butt plug, all of my insides cringe. The name of this toy has amused me. The word "Plug" reminds me of something like the end of an extension cord. I think you can get an idea of how it works and where it plugs into. It is made of squishy black silicone and has a ring on the top to remove it. You can find here the plug. 020102110221

7. Paddle

- "Be quiet, or I'll whip you some more." He begins to follow a particular rhythm: caress, rub, and spank. He hits me again and then gently caresses me. The combination of painful whips and soft caresses clouds my mind completely. - I like the control it provides me, Anastasia. I want you to behave in a particular way, and if you do not, I will punish you, and you will learn to behave as I want. The paddle; a chic version of what is still a classic cricket shovel, it has enough flat surface to hit a ball or to make the darkest of rears blush. It is made of satin and leather, satin on one side, and leather on the other so you can spank your partner to the touch of heaven or hell. The manufacturer’s instructions included in the pack. (yes, it takes an instruction manual titled "How to Use the palette for spanking") to start with the softer side (satin) and then move on to the leather side (yeah baby!), during the spanking intensity increases. You can find the spanker here. 0261027102810291

8. Mini Vibrator

In the picture, it looks like a small, bright little toy, but the greatness of this toy is to see it in action. The downside of the photos is that all you can see is a small, unimpressive metal fuzzy cylinder. I have an android doll on my desk, and the first idea I had was to stick the vibrator to the doll and put it to work and record the video for the internet. I have not ruled this out; I might end up doing it one of these days… Wish me luck. 0301031103210331

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