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Do women get pleasure from anal sex and sex toys?

Long thought of as taboo, anal sex has become the hottest thing in the bedroom since the clitoris. In fact, a 2010 study found that 43% of women have reported having anal intercourse at least once, with some studies finding that as many as 15% engage in it regularly.

Why do women enjoy anal sex?

  • The anus is packed with nerves, and many of those nerves are ones connected to the pelvic region. If stimulated properly it can be incredibly pleasurable.
  • Anal sex can feel exotic because of its taboo nature, and doing something dangerous can be extremely hot, and doing something considered naughty together can be a fun secret to share.
  • Men love it! No surprise here, since it's often at the initiation of the male in a relationship that anal sex is tried. The anal sphincters tend to be tighter than the pelvic muscles inside the vagina, applying more pressure to his penis and making it feel extra tight.

Why use an anal sex toy?

There are several benefits to using an anal sex toy. They're not just for gay males, in fact women make up a large portion of the customers who buy butt plugs and beads. Plugs are a great way to work your way up to having anal sex, and for those that enjoy the sensation of anal then masturbating with a plug is a lot of fun.

Plugs range in sizes so you can start out small and work your way up and often feature a handy stop at the bottom to make sure that they aren't inserted too far. For those that are apprehensive about trying anal then a plug or a set of small beads worn during intercourse may be a good first step.

How to enjoy anal sex

If you've decided to join the masses and shrug off the taboo then welcome to the club! To make sure that you stay a member we want to ensure that you'll enjoy your experience so read up on these tips for amazing and easy anal sex.

  • Lube up! There's no way you should consider having anal sex or playing with an anal sex toy without lots of lube. There can't be too much, but there can definitely be too little.
  • Let him know that he has to go slowly. There's nothing worse than having a penis just jammed up there and it will be sure to hurt that way. Don't be afraid to communicate to him about how it feels and what does and doesn't feel good.

Be patient, the first time might not be great, just the first time you had vaginal intercourse probably wasn't fantastic either, but just like that, with practice it will get better.




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