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Dating Older Women? – Follow These Important Rules

downloadEvery guy has a certain type of woman that he gets attracted to or loves to date, and for some men that woman is older than them. If you’re already in a relationship with an older woman or are desperately seeking to learn new tricks of attracting and dating older women, there are certain important ground rules you simply cannot avoid. Following these rules on a regular basis can help you significantly in pushing your relationship in the right direction.

It goes without saying that dating older women has its own unique perks. To begin with, you won’t have to worry about the games normally played by younger women. Furthermore, the chances are high that an older woman may be well settled in life with her own residence, a decent job and a good bank balance. Hence, you may not have to worry about providing for her as she may willingly foot all the bills. All she may just be looking for is spending some good time with a younger man.

Following are some important rules for dating older women. Keep them in mind and you’ll always find yourself in favour with them.

1. Avoid bringing up the age factor when you’re with her – Although it is okay to discuss age once in a while, as the age difference will only be quite obvious in the way you both handle day-to-day situations, you wouldn’t want rubbing it in every now and then. Your relationship will be doomed if you get caught referring to her as sugar momma or an older woman. The least concern you show about the age factor, the more she will feel comfortable in the relationship. Don’t pay heed to what society thinks or other people talk about, as long as both of you are happy.

2. Show her that you’re capable of bringing out her youthful side – Doing so can make her want you even more. Having the ability of bringing out the youthful side of an older woman can make her feel comfortable and happy about her relationship with you. She will miss your company and would like to be around you more than ever. All women regardless of their age have a youthful side to them which they so want to experience and express, but feel hesitant due to societal perceptions. If you can be that guy who can help her bring out her youthfulness, she’d love you no end and go any extent to please you.

3. Although older women love the playful side of younger men, projecting a developed sense of maturity helps – Anyone who is looking for dating, attracting and/or having long-term relationships with older women must project a mature self which is beyond his years. Acting with immaturity and foolishness can put seeds of doubt in her mind and make her have second thoughts about you. Not only should you need to act with maturity, you must make her feel comfortable and confident that you’re capable of getting her. However, never let go of your playful side.

Older women are usually looking for the best of both the worlds. They don’t want you to embarrass them in the company of their friends, yet expect you to act playfully to keep things light.

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