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Breaking the Seal on My Backdoor

anal-sex-bumsReaders Story: Contributed By Maggie

All of my life I've had a strict EXIT ONLY policy on my back door. No one was getting in there, now way, no how. My anus was tight and untouched, and I was determined to keep it that way. I had lots of attempts to breach my backdoor in the past, with guys "accidentally" aiming in the wrong place, usually followed by desperate, and sometimes pathetic, please. But then I met my current boyfriend, and everything changed.

He is an amazing guy that would do anything for me, and I love him more than I ever thought possible. But inevitably the question arose, did I love him enough to surrender my virgin asshole to him? He stopped short of begging, instead showed me some porno where the girls loved it, then talked about it with me. I was not entirely convinced, I mean those girls in those scenes liked it, but they're not exactly a good measuring stick. And it's a bit of a taboo subject, not many of my girlfriends will admit to liking it, even though they're all probably doing it.

Some Deep Prodding

After a lot of prodding, (no pun intended), I finally succumbed, but when I agreed, my bf surprised me. Instead of plunging right in, he told me I had to be ready to full enjoy it. Said it could wait, and we went online to order this Wendy Williams Anal Trainer Kit Purple {click here}, and some Pjur Back Door Relaxing Anal Glide {click here}. It was almost romantic, except that we were ordering an anal sex toy, and I'm not quite ready to place that up there with candlelight and rose petals.

The kit came with three different sized probes, and we decided to play with them a bit together. He took out the lube and used his fingers to grease me up. The jojoba found inside it really relaxed me down there, but didn't numb me up so I could still feel everything. We started with the smallest probe and had a surprising amount of fun playing with it, and even tried leaving it in while we had sex - that was amazing! Through the next couple of weeks I worked my way up to the largest probe, and shortly after that we declared my backdoor ready for him.

Taking the Plunge

I was nervous, even after all of my prep work, but those probes had felt so good I was willing to give anal sex a try. I couldn't believe after so many attempts by so many guys, (wow were there really that many?), I finally gave in. And it was incredible. The Pjur Back Door Relaxing Anal Glide really helped, and there have been a couple of times where I've even gone back to playing with the probes, especially when I'm alone and also playing with my vibrator.

So the answer to my question, do I love him enough to surrender my anal virginity to him? Well he definitely popped my anal cherry, and it turns out that he loved me enough in return to wait and make sure I was ready for it. May not be rose petals and candles, but sometimes maybe romance truly does comes in strange forms.

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