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Blow Up Dolls: The Perfect Gift For That Hard To Buy For Guy

sex nerdWhile blow up dolls have been a staple at bachelor parties for decades, it turns out there are lots of benefits to playing with one of these inflatable dolls. New technologies and materials mean that the dolls can feel incredibly realistic, at least where it counts, and are more durable and sturdy than ever before. Many men are making blow up dolls their sex toy of choice, and though it will likely always remain as a gag gift, it's likely that the large majority of the recipients take that joke gift home and have their way with it.

A Good Choice When the Real Thing isn't There

Whether single or separated from a loved one, many men find that a sex doll is a good substitute for a real partner. With a sex doll a guy can climb on top or enter from behind, basically treat the doll like he would a partner, using different positions to actually thrust into one of the different openings. For many men this is a preferable way to get off than the palm of the hand, especially since today's dolls are usually outfitted with textured sleeves for extra pleasure.

Make Love to a Superstar

In real life the possibility of being able to have sex with a celebrity is most likely far out of reach, but with a doll like the Katy Pervy Blow Up Doll {click here} or the Britney Bitch Love Doll {click here} it's easy to pretend. Just blow up the doll, act out a fantasy, then clean up, and deflate. No drama, no paparazzi, and as close as most guys will ever get.

Try Something New and Exciting Risk Free

Playing with a blow up doll can let a man try something new and with no risk. Fetishes can be explored and fantasies satisfied. It is also the perfect way to practice out new positions before trying them out on a real woman, allowing a guy to take his time getting it just right so that it seems completely natural. Another benefit to playing with a doll is that it can be a great tool for training to hold off on climaxing, allowing for longer periods of love making with, hopefully, a real woman.

While they will most likely always be brought along to stag parties and given as joke gifts, blow up dolls are getting better and feeling more realistic thanks to the advancements in materials technology. They can make dry periods without a partner bearable, satisfy fantasies, and provide good practice, and best of all, when finished they inflate and pack away until next time.

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